Holosun 508T V2 First Look


We check out the brand new Holosun 508T Version 2 red dot optic. The new titanium red dot sight offers a lot of features, multiple reticle options, solar power back up, long battery life and more. Check out our video to see it in detail, learn about the product and Dave’s first impression at the range. Thanks for watching!

For full specs and production information:Holosun.com

In this Video:

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  1. I received this optic in the GREEN RETICLE version, an imaginary shipment right after shotshow 2019 where it was announced, almost 2yrs ago with no pesky delays of up to 5 different ship dates (just this year alone 2020) failing to be met, you know, like lesser companies that claim to make duty or world class optics might have done, Holosun rocks! They are on the ball seriously. Remember China never shut down and still hasn’t.
    I have imagined that the green reticle is imaginary perfection. It fits perfectly on my Unicorn 7000DBR pistol in 3000mm. I imagine it has held up well to the 1million lbft of recoil energy that this pistol generates and have imagined that I have put at least a trillion rounds through it without a single failure. It also has a tiny green (elite) unicorn that pops out of the battery tray and farts your favorite color skittles right into your hand and can make you a wicked martini after a hard day at the range. Come on Holosun! Where are the GREEN versions?

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