INFORCE APL – Lighting Up the Competition


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[dcs_fancy_header bgcolor=”#ffffff” color=”#000000″ fweight=”bold”]Michael Shropshire, USAF, Joint Terminal Attack Controller delivers a quick and concise look at the INFORCE APL pistol light.[/dcs_fancy_header]

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A dark house, an alley, and a driveway in the middle of the night are just a few locations where a self-defense situation may occur. The only chance of identifying, blinding, and engaging or subduing the proper target is illumination. Hundreds of pistol lights are available, with many techniques to hold, attach, and wear them. It is time-consuming to sort through thousands of reviews online, and can still leave one questioning what is best-suited for his or her pistol light needs. This article will concisely and quickly describe testing of the INFORCE APL pistol light supplied by 2 Vets Arms.

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Being in the military for several years, and the need for illumination at night has been imperative. Properly identifying targets, fellow service members, and innocents is a critical part of the job. These most obvious directives also apply in any home invasion, street altercation, or life-threatening situation, so outfitting a personal weapon with a light is a major priority. Not having the budget of the U.S. military, I need equipment that is not only reasonably-priced, but also well-made, accurate, and effective from the first use. Other required specifications:

It must be light weight. I carry compact weapon in a small caliber because it is easy to carry and conceal.

It must attach to the weapon. My hands had to be free to be able to carry a child, drag someone to safety, or leave my other hand free to change a magazine.

It must not drastically change my grip on the weapon. Anyone who fires a firearm knows that muscle memory is imperative to success. Changing my grip too much could disrupt my aim in the first critical seconds of engagement.

It must be bright and easy to switch on. If I need to engage quickly, the light must first temporarily blind my attacker and allow me to identify the attacker. Therefore, with my grip it must go on and stay on with one click.

As I searched, the INFORCE APL appeared to stand above the others. It was easy to attach, it did not disrupt my grip nor was it heavy or cumbersome on the handgun. Additionally, it was interchangeable between several handguns. The price is moderately high at $129, but with the 200 LUMENS, quick detachment feature, and almost 2 hours of battery life, it is worth the money. The INFORCE light has proven to be great asset to my inventory and works well with my Versacarry holster.

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Testing the light was not a challenge and I enjoyed running it through all the possible worse case scenarios, particularly home invasion situations. At the range, drawing from the concealed, engaging the light and firing the weapon took getting accustomed to, but as soon as my fingers found the correct spots, it was smooth sailing. Any limitations were the shooter and not the device. The light was instrumental in helping me quickly choose a target in a simulated hostage scenario. Additionally, the INFORCE has an ambidextrous switch, so no modifications need to be made based on shooting hand.

Overall, I was able to stay within a budget and get a dependable interchangeable light that met all my parameters. With the INFORCE APL, I am equipped and ready to defend my life and my family in the dark.

This light can be found at available in the featured FDE (Flat Dark Earth) color scheme.

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