Interview with Instructor Zero


Get to know Instructor Zero in this insider interview by Steve Coulston.

While at SHOT SHOW it is not uncommon to run into famous and infamous people. One guy I had the pleasure of running into was Instructor Zero. Now, regardless of what you may think about his training style there is no questioning his ability to run just about any gun he can get his hands on. And when I say run, I mean this guy can shoot like a bat outta hell, from whatever position he happens to be in at the time and connect, over and over again. Zero is extremely fast on the gun and proves it in his videos. He is also very entertaining to watch. He comes up with some of the most unique training evolutions I have seen. Now I’ll admit, I have raised an eyebrow a time or two, yet I keep coming back for more because I am constantly impressed and enjoy his ingenuity and personality. His style of instruction and camera presence is commanding, yet he has a great sense of humor.

I had the chance to sit down with him a couple of times at the SHOW. Once was a more personal chat and the other was a more formal interview. First, I must say he is an extremely humble man. He does not boast nor does he sit and swap war stories. He does not kiss and tell. He is a quiet professional and likes to keep it that way. He does, however, love to talk shop and go over tactics, different scenarios and situations. You can tell he is always thinking about how he can improve his training. He is also a busy son-of-a-gun as you will see in the video interview I did with him. He keeps busy with his online work, training, consulting and “other” business. His 2014 schedule is very full yet he takes it all in stride. He is in high demand, yet he keeps an even keel about it all. Overall, Zero was a true gentleman. I look forward to re-connecting with him in the future.

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    • he is only a good shooter but nothing more! he did his compulsory service in an Airbone unit and he’s spending his time at the range and doing marketing of himself and his guys who have 0 real experiences like him!

      • There are a handful of Italian detractors of Instructor Zero that have made it a point to find every forum and article about him to insult and spread inaccuracies about him. We have also found it to be the case that they are somehow affiliated with other local firearms instructors. They go by the name Claudio and Antonio.

        • Dear Paulo, i don’t know if i’m that Claudio but i don’t think due to the fact that i’m not affiliated to any instructors. I’m just a man who proudly served for his Country and after that moved to the circuit. Up to you follow who you want, i’m just saying that he and his friends are not Vets and he didn’t serve for his Country (a part the compulsory service).

          • In a earlier post you said “…he did his compulsory service in an Airbone unit…”
            But in the next post you said “…i’m just saying that he and his friends are not Vets and he didn’t serve for his Country…”
            Which is it? Was he or was he not in the Italian Airborne??

          • He did 1 year in the 90’s as national compulsory service with no missions overseas. No “walk” for him and for all of his guys due to fact that early in the 00’s Italy closed the national service.

  1. In fact, he is not a vet. For service members (military, police) it would be cool to handle any gun like he does. But truth is people who actually use guns for real work don’t have time or the need to do this. No doubt, he is good at what he does, but he can train 23/7.

  2. Who gives a shit what his experience is. He is probably a much better shot than you and you stand to learn a lot from him. I am ex special forces and we would receive marksmanship training from civilians (with zero combat experience) who were much better shots than any of us could ever be.

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