Interview with Wes Doss


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[dcs_fancy_header bgcolor=”#ffffff” color=”#000000″ fweight=”bold”]In this interview, Guns & Tactics takes you one-on-one with top-tier firearms instructor and law enforcement trainer Wes Doss of Khyber Interactive Training.[/dcs_fancy_header]

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Wes Doss, of Kyber Interactive Training is a celebrated firearms instructor and law enforcement trainer who has appeared on television shows, has been featured in magazines and is viewed as a recognized authority pertaining to use of force discussions and self defense topics. He is a US Army combat veteran and a retired LEO who has authored two books and was most recently the recipient of the Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics Instructor of the Year award. Wes is currently the Chief Instructor on the Lights, Sights, Lasers Workshop Tour, sponsored by XS, Sights, Steyr Arms, Blade-Tech Industries, Rainier Arms, DRD Tactical, The Sharps Rifle Company and TerraLUX.

We caught up with Wes on the road and hit him with a barrage of questions so Guns & Tactics Magazine readers could learn more about this real American "good-guy".

Who is Wes Doss?

Husband and Father first, without my wife and my two fantastic daughters I would be nothing.

While people see picks of beer (only craft beer… thank you), cigars and bourbon online, I am actually a quiet and fairly private man, I have lived a full life and have had many experiences, both good and bad. Integrity and honor have always been something I have clung to (even in today’s world).

I am a 21-year vet of the US Army (10 Active, 11 Reserve) and a 20-year vet of law enforcement in Arizona, I have been a professional trainer since 1992, having taught in the military and as an LEO, I am an Arizona POST LE firearms instructor, Defensive tactics instructor and EVOC instructor. I ran our agency’s SWAT unit and was supervisor of the firearms training unit.

Entrepreneur, yes sir, but still living in OJT, as everyday is a learning experience. I started Proactive Concepts (FFL) in the earlier 1990’s with a partner from the Sheriff’s Office and then in 1992 launched Khyber Interactive Associates, LLC. In 2006 I created the 1 Inch to 100 Yards Warrior Conference and in 2012, in conjunction with XS Sights, we created and launched the Lights, Sights and Lasers US tour. There are several new projects on the drawing board, too!

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Can you tell us more about your LE career?

I worked for the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office for 20-years where I retired as a Sergeant. I was on the list for lieutenant, but pulled the pin prior to taking the promotion. As for Mohave county, think where California, Nevada and Arizona meet on the Colorado river, 3-hours from LA, 4-hours from San Diego, 3-hours from Phoenix and 90-minutes from Las Vegas.

My work assignments were primarily in patrol, training and investigations.

Thank you Wes, for serving our country. Can you tell us more about your military service?

I proudly served for 21-years in the US Army. I started as an 11B (Infantry), then re-enlisted into Military Police and obtained additional skill identifiers (ASI) for Investigations (V5), Physical security (H3), Accident Investigation (Q9) and Master Fitness Trainer (P5). During the last 4-years I entered into the CID apprentice program and became a credentialed CID Special Agent. I was a protective service agent and worked PSD during the first gulf war.

When I left active duty I went into the National Guard, back to the infantry and then to an MP unit in Arizona. I eventually moved into the Army Reserve and took a position as a detachment sergeant (First Sergeant) of the 313th MP Detachment in Las Vegas. My primary function was force protection operations.

With over 21-years of service, my deployments and assignments included; the Joint Security Area (JSA) in Korea, Panama, Honduras, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan.

We often see you on the Pursuit Channel, Outdoor Channel and elsewhere. Can you give us the scoop on your media activities?


TV shows: Shooting Gallery (Outdoor Channel), NRA’s Personal Defense, Law Enforcement Training Network’s (LETN) Roll Call, SWAT Magazine TV (Outdoor Channel), Stop the Threat (Pursuit Channel).

Magazines: I wrote for or appeared in Police Magazine, Law Officer, Law and Order, American Cop (plank holder on original editorial staff), SWAT magazine, Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement, Tactical Knives, The Harbinger (HALO), and of course Guns and Tactics Magazine.

I’ve also written and published two books: “Train to Win,” and “Condition to Win.”

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You’re very well known in the training industry, particularly on the Law Enforcement side. Tell us about Wes, the trainer.

Aside from my own programs, my first big start was with the NRA Law Enforcement Activities Division (LEAD). I’ve worked for NRA LEAD for 13-years teaching LE firearms instructor programs across the country. After that was a stint as the LE/Military trainer at the SIGARMS Academy (Sig Sauer) in Epping, NH. There were also some stints working with or for a number of other small training organizations in the US that taught me some serious industry lessons, both good and bad. I was then brought on board at Crimson Trace, originally as a member of the training staff and later as the Training Director. I worked for Kappa Optronics of Germany on a number of special projects for military. And, I worked in training support roles for prime vendors such as Marvel, AMRON and ADS. For about 6-years I managed US and International LE and Military sales for Systema Engineering (Japan).

I joined Brownells of Montezuma, IA to help stand up a Police Store and the Brownells Training Group, where I contracted with XS Sights to operate as a LE/Military training resource.

I’m currently contracted as the Training Director for The Sharps Rifle Company, Training Director for Freedoms Forge (Orlando Florida) and working on contract for a number of manufactures; Blade-Tech Industries, Gargoyles, Steyr Arms, and getting ready to announce the instructor and operator level low-light training programs through TerraLUX.

You have an impressive career and are certainly a role model for others out there who aspire to be soldiers, cops and firearms instructors. So, who are you inspired by?

I give credit to a number of folks who have mentored me through the years, people who have helped me directly to be a better trainer and a better person, people who are more or less my heroes:

  • Jim Cirillo, NYPD Stake out squad. I got close to Jim (a legendary gunfighter law man) and even gave a eulogy at his memorial
  • Ken Hackathorn, Former 5th SF GP, retired cop, living legend and trusted friend/mentor
  • George Harris, former director of the SIGARMS Academy, US Army Reserve Marksmanship Unit, great friend and mentor
  • Bill Dreeland, Legendary US Customs agent and trainer, had Bill as a teacher at Arizona Western College several times
  • Charlie McNeese, Retired Arizona DPS officer and gunfighter, great teaching style and fantastic class management
  • Robbie Barkman, of ROBAR, former South African Soldier
  • Dave Spaulding, LE trainer of the year, retired cop, forward thinker and great trainer

Finally, what guns do you keep in your arsenal?

My daily carry is a Detonics Combat Master (45ACP), or a CZ PO1 (9mm), or a Steyr CA-1 (9mm). I live in Arizona, its hot and I’m in shorts 10-months of the year, so concealed carry is a challenge. I want power and accuracy, but need durability and concealment ability too.

My last duty gun at the Sheriffs Office was a Gen 1 Glock 21 with a ROBAR grip reduction, but over the 20-years I faithfully and comfortably carried a S&W Model 19 (357 mag with 185 grain HP 357 mag rounds). I also carried a Caspian 1911 (low digit serial numbered) with trigger work and a few bells and whistles from Frank Glen and an S&W DAO 4046 (40 SW). For undercover roles I carried a S&W model 39 (9mm) or a S&W J Frame.

I have several rifles including an Steyr Arms AUG A3/SA USA and a DRD Tactical CDR15 Takedwn rifle, but the one I like the best is the Rainier Arms RUC that we were given this year. Its an unbelievable rifle!

I’m old school when it comes to shotguns. I love my shotgun! I have a Remington 870 and a Remington 1100. The 870 sports a Knoxx stock and has had a bit of custom work from Vang Competition Systems. The 1100 has had a few minor tweaks by Vang Competitions as well.

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To learn more about Wes Doss, visit Be sure to find Wes on Facebook at, too. You might also catch up with Wes on the Lights, Sights, Lasers US LE/MIL Tour. Go to to view the tour schedule and register for FREE training.

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  1. I have had the pleasure of being a student in a couple of Wes’s classes and he is a great instructor! i highly recommend taking one of his classes. I attended a couple of the Warrior conferences in Laughlin NV and had a great time there as well.

    Don Amerman
    Police Rangemaster/Armorer

  2. I have also had the pleasure of attending one of Wes’s classes on the LSL tour in Alaska. He is a very knowledgeable man and a great instructor. His curriculum is very straight forward and focuses on drills that will make a good shooter better. Thanks Wes, I hope you and your family are doing well.

    G. Rubio
    Police Rangemaster/Instructor

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