Introducing Systema – Pig Brig Chest Rig and Plate Carrier


SKD Tactical has introduced the new minimalistic and configurable PIG (Patrol Incident Gear) plate carrier, the SYSTEMA. It is totally mission adaptable from a bare bones 11oz plate carrier to a full blown armor plate carrier. The SYSTEMA is designed so you purchase what you need and add as you go.

Harness Systems

Take the BRIG Chest Rig solo in a stand-alone mode with the BRIG CR Harness, or integrate it with a PIG Hydration Carrier or PIG gRUNT Pack by utilizing our specially designed BRIG CR-LB Harness. This allows you to maintain the same array of chest kit as when your BRIG CR is mounted to your BRIG Plate Carrier.

Rear Storage Systems

You can finally run Hydration or a small Pack directly with your Chest Rig! Utilizing the BRIG CR-LB (Load Bearing) Harness, you can interface either the PIG Hydration Carrier (2L or 3L) or the gRUNT Pack (Standard or Large) for complete mission flexibility.

Chest Rig Systems

The PIG SYSTEMA currently offers 3 configurations: 3 Mag CR (M4), 4 Mag CR (M4) and an All-Molle configuration. A 3 Mag CR for 762 is in the works. The 3 Mag and All-Molle CR’s are best suited for Small & Med ESAPI plates and 10″ x 12″ plates. The 4 Mag CR (M4) works best with Large & XL ESAPI models.

Plate carrier Systems

Featuring a “shoehorn” fit for the specific plates they were designed to carry, the BRIG offers the lowest profile nylon to plate ratio available today. Currently designed for ESAPI, TAP Gamma 10″ x 12″ and Velocity Systems/LTC ICW 10″ x 12″ plates, the BRIG Plate Carrier can be had with Slick or an All-Molle Rear option.

Cummerbund Systems

By utilizing sleeves for the 4″ Elastic cummerbund you effectively add load carriage capabilities to the BRIG Plate Carrier. You can choose between cummerbunds that feature Molle or Side Plate Carriers, or both to tailor your kit specifically to the mission.

Accessories/Comfort Systems

The BRIG Plate Carrier can be stripped down for the bare minimum weight and bulk, and be scaled up for a full-blown plate/armor system that provides unparalleled comfort for extended operations. Accessories include the BRIG Shoulder Pads, the AFC Pontoons, and a Soft Armor Backer Sleeve.

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