Jody Lewis goes one-to-one with Joel Allen to learn more about V7 Weapons Systems.

I am always on the lookout for innovative companies in the firearms arena that are creating functional real-world parts, which actually serve more purpose than just looking cool… Parts that offer a significant improvement over what has already been done. Enter V7 weapon systems and meet Joel Allen. I had a chance to chat one-on-one with Joel recently as he shared his vision for the company and its products.

Joel’s passion and background stem back to the early 2000’s when Joel and John Noveske were making barrels together and building a company who’s name would become synonymous with “high end.” Fast Forward to 2014 and a lot has changed, but one thing that has not is Joel’s ambition and drive to make high end AR-15 parts and accessories again.

"We offer a 100% lifetime warranty on all of our parts and we stand behind them fully."

V7 has been busy since its formation in late 2013, launching several new products in just a few months. “We were hoping to come to market with a few more items by now, but we’ve been so busy fulfilling orders,” Allen said. Allen and company have introduced a few products that offer the best in form and function with a series of ultra-light parts made of Titanium and Aluminum instead of steel.

Lets face it, the seldom-used dust cover and forward assist have been around for decades without much improvement. So, why not update them? The ultra-light port door (dust cover) is made of 7075-T6 aluminum that is 45% lighter than its mil-spec steel counterpart weighing in at a mere 8.3 grams. It is available in several colors.

Next up is the ultra-light forward assist, also machined from 70705-T6 and type III hardcoat anodizing. It comes in at 55% lighter than the standard steel mil-spec version at only 9.2 grams. The steel carrier engagement parts are 4140 heat-treated hardened steel.

Rounding out the ultra-light parts is V7’s hybrid 57-degree safety selector. The throw levers sit at 57-degree and are compatible with both AR-15 and AR-10 semi auto rifles. The ambi selector is nearly 50% lighter than a standard mil-spec steel safety. The hybrid part is a merging of different materials. The core shaft is constructed of Grade 5 heat treated hardened Titanium and the levers are machined from 7075-T6 aluminum and finished off with KG Gear Kote to reduce friction. The total package comes in at 8.3 grams.

Perhaps the crown jewel of their new products is the Titanium Gas Block, which is 45% lighter than standard lo-profile gas blocks made of steel and comes in at 20.5 grams. One of the advantages of using titanium is the co-efficiency of its expansion compared to steel, which is nearly half, meaning the seal between block and barrel will vary much less as the temperature rises.

V7’s parts are made right here in the USA and are backed with a lifetime warranty.

Stay tuned to V7 as they are on the verge of launching some new and exciting products this year. For more information, check them out at

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