They say the AR-15 is the grown man’s Barbie Doll. There are probably 33 million different options for every little part on your AR-15, and honestly that is part of what makes it fun to build and rebuild and rebuild your rifle again and again. Like lethal Legos of some kind.

This might be a complete shock to some of you, but I have a problem with constantly switching out parts on my ARs. I learned the love of custom rifle building and now I have no money for drugs. Oh well. Anyways, the latest addition to my rifle was Hexmag’s ATG (Advanced Tactical Grip). I’ve been pleasantly surprised with it’s options, performance, and features.

Grip Angle

Whether you think the War on Terror has been effective or not, one thing is for sure: 14 years of continual urban combat has accelerated the science of gunfighting by leaps and bounds. The way we stand, shoot, move, and place shots has all evolved in one form or another. As urban combat has become more and more prevalent, and an increased focus for gun lovers like me, shorter stocks and barrels have given rise to new ways of holding the gun. The rifle is often held closer to the centerline of the body, with the strong side elbow tucked in tight to the ribs.

Where traditional A2-style grips can be uncomfortable for this new, high-speed shooting stuff, a slightly more vertical grip can be not only more comfortable on the wrist, but also fit the various biomechanics of different shooters. And on the other hand, you have shooters who prefer the traditional grip angle that has been in use since the original AR-15s were produced. And finally, on the third hand (wait… What?), there are people in the middle who prefer something in between the two angles.

"…the ATG sets itself apart from a lot of other grips by feeling exceptionally good in the hand"

The biggest thing about the Hexmag ATG is the variable grip angle, and it appeals to everyone, since it can be configured in 17, 25, and 33 degree grip angle configurations. If you’re maneuvering in tight spaces and running and gunning with a short LOP rifle or pistol, you can set it to 17 degrees. If you’re running a regular-length AR and prefer the traditional grip angles, set it to 25 degrees. And if you need something even more relaxed, you can set it to 33 degrees. Interestingly enough, you can do this all on the fly, thanks to X-Tech’s patented adjustment system- just loosen up the grip screw a few turns with the included Allen wrench (a nice touch for sure), and adjust the grip angle to whatever your tactical heart desires.

Ergonomics and Looks

Made from fiber-reinforced polymer, the ATG sets itself apart from a lot of other grips by feeling exceptionally good in the hand. It feels sturdy, at least as sturdy feeling as the venerable selection of Magpul AR-15 grips. There is more width (almost wrote girth, but then reconsidered) than a significant number of today’s ultra-slim grips, something I appreciated. The signature Hexmag hexes are on the sides, while the front and back sides of the grip have horizontal grooves that give the shooter a fairly secure grip. Honestly, it just feels like it is well-made, and is still lightweight. Once installed on your rifle, the two parts of the ATG connect almost seamlessly.

It feels good, and looks good, too. Personally, I like the look of the ATG, and the hexagonal patterns match the Hexmags I run on a daily basis. To make it sexier, and to increase the texture even more, I threw on some of Hexmag’s Grip Tape, which comes in both gray and black, and feels like a high-end stippling job. The added texture didn’t hurt anything, and the gray-on-black look definitely caught the eyes of a few shooters when I took it to the range. Not a fan of tactical black? Don’t worry- the Hexmag ATG is available in FDE as well.


After running around with and shooting with the Hexmag ATG, I’m a fan. It performs as well as the Magpul MOE+K2 that adorned my AR before I installed the ATG, and if you’re into versatility then the additional options the ATG provides are an excellent choice. The sturdy feel, customizable nature, and positive grip retention the ATG provides definitely make this grip a winner in my book. So next time you’re putting together another lethal-Lego-set-for-grown-ups, be sure to check out Hexmag’s Advanced Tactical Grip.

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