James Madison Tactical 80% Polymer AR-15 Lower Receiver Overview


The 80% polymer AR-15 lower receiver has had its share of controversy. The ATF raided a gunshop over how the gunshop manufactured its polymer lowers in March of 2014. The ATF then issued a 14 point clarification in October of 2014 that clarified matters…

Guns & Tactics published an article discussing the controversy.

James Madison Tactical
(JMT) didn’t wait for the ATF to determine what was and what wasn’t a “firearm.” JMT sought out and received a determination letter that stated that the JMT lower receiver was not classified as a firearm.

James Madison Tactical, LLC receives determination letter from the ATF/FTB

"As of August 25, 2014 James Madison Tactical, LLC just received it’s determination letter from the ATF/FTB stating that our JMT 80 lower receiver is not classified as a firearm as defined in 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(3). The examination states that manufacturing operations have not been performed in the fire control section of the receiver blank and that the casting has not reached a point in the manufacturing process to be classified as a firearm."

Scott Hanchette
James Madison Tactical, llc

The JMT 80% polymer AR-15 lower receiver is in it’s 2nd generation. Improvements to the lower include a pre-threaded brass insert in the handgrip attachment area for strength and reliability, magwell striped reinforcements to match Magpul PMAG magazines, and the logo has been moved to the upper reinforcement on the magwell.

The JMT 80% polymer lower comes with it’s own jig to simplify the finishing process. A drill press is required, but not a degree in machining.

Retail price for the 80% lower is $99.95 in Black, Flat Dark Earth, or Olive Drab Green from their website.

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