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Mike Miller joins forces with Killer Innovations


I get to hang out with two industry power players, Rick Olsen of Killer Innovations and Mike Miller, founder of Mega Arms. Now the two are announcing new adventures and offerings that will have a large impact in the industry. Let’s Go.

Being in the same state of Washington, I met Mike Miller back around 2007-2008 when Rainier Arms was just getting ramped up.  Mike was heading up MEGA Arms and at the time was mainly known in the area as doing forged lowers.  

Mike Miller & Rick Olsen

Killer Innovations started working with Mike Miller while he was still an owner at Mega Arms. We worked together to design and develop the Remington 700 – Orias Chassis. The Orias project was a great success and it showed us how capable we were when we worked together. We have been great friends ever since. When we started talking about teaming up and becoming business partners, it was a no brainer for me. When I say Mike is an amazing guy, that is an understatement. He is truly a great person with more talent in firearms machining than anyone else I know of. Mike will be overseeing CNC programming, and floor CNC production. He will also be contributing his knowledge to future designs and engineering. Killer Innovations is very excited to bring Mike into our family, and we are even more excited to see what the next few years are going to look like. Killer Innovations future is looking very bright!


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As always, don’t forget to head over to Rainer Arms.

0:00 Introduction

0:30 Mike Miller & Rick Olsen

1:28 Start of Shop Tour

1:46 6 Axis Lathe / DMG MORI

3:07 Single Point Cutting Pistol Barrel Explanation

5:03 Muzzle Break Look

6:30 The Killer Innovations Pistol Barrel

7:54 Vertical Milling Machines / Haas VF-2

9:14 New OEM Handguard W/New Patented  Lockup System (Drive Lock System)

10:26 Horizontal Milling Machine

14:25 Tolerance Lab

18:17 End Shop Tour

18:38 Sit Down With Rick Olsen & Mike Miller

19:03 Rick Explains How He Met John the First Time & Killer innovations Start

22:14 Mike Miller Introduction

24:21 The BIG News

29:37 The BIGGER News – Icon Defense Announcement

32:35 A Perfect Pairing / Rick & Mike Talk How Aligned They Are

34:11 Business Talk – Advice to Live By

39:48 What’s Next / What’s Coming Out

41:17 Signing Off

About Killer InnovationsKiller-Innovations-Factory

Killer Innovations was founded in 2008. We started off as an OEM design firm and full service machining / manufacturing company. Most of the parts we make for other companies are designed, tested, manufactured and final assembled in-house. In 2018 we decided to launch our own brand of pistol parts we call our Velocity line. The rapid growth of our product line has been amazing, but also changing to keep up with. We have been looking for more talent to help us grow with the ever increasing demand and the expanding product line that has no end in sight.

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