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As the saying goes with Apple iPhones, “There’s an app for that.” Now, thanks to Kowa, there’s an adapter for that. The new Kowa TSN-IP4S iPhone adapter takes digiscoping to a whole new level.

When the iPhone is combined with a tried-and-true Kowa set of binoculars or a high-performance Kowa spotting scope, the possibilities are endless.

When your iPhone is attached with the adapter, you can take photos and videos of what you see through the binoculars or spotting scope, called digiscoping. The adapter is basically using Kowa optics to enhance your iPhone camera capabilities. Maybe your friends don’t believe you’ve seen that monster buck, or how many turkeys you actually saw in that field. Now you can prove it by sending pictures and videos, or by uploading directly to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or YouTube, to show off what you’ve seen. And there’s no waiting to upload images, such as when using a trail camera, the photos and videos are immediately on your iPhone. This would also be great in hunting situations where land is leased, or when on public land, where trail cameras aren’t an option.

This adapter also makes it much easier for eyeglass wearers to completely see images shown through binoculars or spotting scopes.

The adapter fits iPhone 4 and 4S models. It comes with two standard rings, one for the BD/SV/YF series of binoculars and one for the 880/770 series of spotting scopes. But additional adapter rings for the Genesis 44 and 33 series of binoculars and TSN 660/600/82SV spotting scope eyepieces (except long eye-relief eyepieces) and High Lander eyepieces can be purchased separately.

Made of an epoxy resin material, the adapter will not damage your iPhone. The adapter rings are made of aluminum, but lined with a soft material that will not damage the eyecups of Kowa binoculars or spotting scopes, and will still fit snugly.

Why buy expensive digital cameras or trail cameras when you’ve already bought the important things: Kowa optics and an iPhone. The new TSN-IP4S adapter is all you need to start digiscoping. It’s sure to enhance your next outdoor excursion or hunt.

For more information on KOWA Optics, visit http://www.kowa-usa.com.



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