[News] LA Police Protective League Wants to Ban Suppressors and Bump Stocks




Via LA Times

The Los Angeles Police Protective League has thrown its support behind a national effort to ban certain gun accessories and encourage police and professional sports teams to work together to improve encounters between officers and residents.

The union that represents thousands of rank-and-file LAPD officers joined several other big-city police unions and the San Francisco 49ers in the effort, which was formally unveiled Thursday morning at Levi’s Stadium.

The organizations signed a pledge to work with lawmakers to ban armor-piercing ammunition, gun silencers and "bump stocks" — the latter of which landed on the national radar after a gunman used them in the Las Vegas massacre this month.


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One of the League’s directors, Robert Harris, stated, "As law enforcement officers, as police unions, we are unwavering in our support of the 2nd Amendment, but when it comes to accessories such as bump stocks, we think it is very reasonable to want to support legislation that would ban an accessory that would turn a semiautomatic rifle into a functioning fully automatic rifle."

C’mon Mr. Harris, bump stocks don’t turn a semiautomatic rifle to a fully-automatic rifle. And, "unwavering support" of the Second Amendment means more than just saying it.

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