LEGOS and AR’s, One in the same?


Guns & Tactics reviews some of the core steps to making an accurate AR-15 utilizing state-of-art made parts from CIV Tactical. Also learn how to get Free shipping and 10% off your order.

If you have you children, you know Legos are not cheap and building some of those Lego kits require close attention to detail and following directions. I often hear guys who say, “Building an AR is like building Legos.” We have all heard that guy right? Any old Joe can build an AR, just watch YouTube and you will see 101 tutorials from Joes across the world slapping them together. While building an AR-15 has become akin to building Legos, I find that slapping a miss-match of parts together leaves a lot to be desired in the way of accuracy and reliability.

This gun may save your life someday! It may be something you use to hunt or compete with, so for the builder in you who takes the time to do research and identify which parts will yield the best possible performance while maintaining reliability, consider things like reliability, accuracy and versatility when making a decision, not just how price.

Enter CIV Tactical of Northern California. Dustin and Company prides itself on building AR-15s and AR parts for the AR builder who wants perfection from the get-go. We will talk more about the company later, but we recently had the pleasure to test and evaluate some of the CIV product line and the results were very appealing, so lets dive into that first.

CIV TAC AR-15 upper receiver

As mentioned, CIV builds complete AR uppers that are ready to pin onto the AR lower of your choice, so if you don’t want to fuss with the hassle of gearing up for the build, you may want to consider that as an option.

  • Manufactured to MILSPEC Standards
  • MILSPEC Type III Hard Anodizing
  • Blueprinted Action/Trued Receiver Face
  • M4 Feed Ramps

Today we are talking about building your own. The first foundational piece you need for any upper build is the upper receiver. One of the reasons I choose CIV was because they take the time to blueprint each upper using custom tooling and an industrial gunsmithing lathe.

Blueprinting the upper involves taking the front face of the action, known as the receiver face and using precision machinery to ensure that the barrel extension mates square to the receiver face. This keeps your barrel in line with the action and greatly enhances the overall accuracy, function and reliability. This level of gunsmithing is normally reserved for precision rifles that require extreme accuracy at long range.

We used three test barrels from Rainier Arms, Daniel Defense and Noveske. Each fit like a glove, meaning they were snug but did not require any force to insert and had no wiggle room so-to-say.

At the range, each setup performed with sub-moa accuracy as expected even when changing barrels on the fly. Impressive would be putting it mildly. All CIV blueprinted uppers include the forward assist and dust cover already installed.

In summary, CIV’s blueprinted upper is a great choice for building an AR-15 that requires accuracy.

Flatline Muzzle Brake Specs
  • Caliber: .223 / 5.56
  • Material: 17-4 PH Stainless Steel
  • Design: Dual Cross-Drilled Porting; Neutral Brake Action
  • Threads: 1/2-28
  • Finishes: Black Nitride (Color not shown in image)

*Other colors available upon request

Additional Information
  • Precision CNC Machined
  • Designed for .223/5.56 caliber
CIV TAC Flatline Muzzle Break

While some compensators on the market boast the ability to reduce flash and recoil, the CIV TAC Flatline was made to do one thing, keep the muzzle flat and keep rounds on target thus maintaining accuracy by eliminating felt recoil and your sight picture steady.

The dual cross-drilled radius port design rapidly redirects excess gas and un-burnt powder away from the barrel perpendicular to the axis of the bore. With no top ports the hot gasses are kept out of your sight picture allowing for immediate follow up shots on target.

The Flatline muzzle brake may have been designed with competition shooters in mind, but it would make a great brake for hunters and snipers alike who need the flattest shooting rifle possible.

About VIV Tactical

CIV Tactical is owned and operated by Dustin Hamann, a trained gunsmith with several certifications from the NRA Gunsmithing School. Their products are 100% US Made products and they offer a variety of gunsmithing services that include barrel crowning, gas port resizing, cerakoting along with their highly focused product line.

For more information about CIV Tactical, visit them on Facebook Or, online at

CIV offers Free Shipping! on all orders, but for the month of October you can take an additional 10% off as well. So that is 10% plus free shipping, count me in! Coupon CODE: OCT2013


  1. It’s all true! I have a CIV Tac 3gun rifle upper and flatline break. Smooth, fast, and accurate! Dustin’s work is the real deal. Thumbs up! Here is video of my recent 3 Gun Nation match with my CIV rifle in action.

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