Loretta Lynch. Who is she and why do we care?


President Obama nominated Loretta Lynch to replace Eric Holder as the Attorney General of the United States on November 8th, 2014. The nomination was criticized heavily by gun rights groups.

November 7th, 2014 – Potential Holder replacement requires intensive scrutiny, resolve to score vote

With that being the case, how are all of us, but gun owners in particular, supposed to determine whether or not she would be an acceptable nominee, and if we should reward or punish our Senators for rejecting or confirming her if she is put forth? What is it we can infer, what is it we know, and what is it we need to determine before we can make an informed assessment?

February 24th, 2015 – Loretta Lynch, attorney general nominee, dodges questions, falls in line with Eric Holder

Ms. Lynch, who faces a probable vote Thursday in the Judiciary Committee and likely action by the full Senate next month, deflected dozens of questions in 221 pages of written responses to the panel, saying she wasn’t familiar with the fight over documents from the Fast and Furious gun-walking operation, couldn’t talk accurately about major parts of the administration’s immigration policy, didn’t want to prejudge the rights afforded suspected terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay and was “not familiar” with bills to close the gun show background check loophole.

She vowed to be a “vigorous and independent” voice within the administration, but also backed Mr. Obama’s position on major questions such as his war powers and his support for a renewal of the assault weapons ban.

March 14th, 2015 – NRA Opposes Confirmation of Obama’s U.S. Attorney General Nominee, Loretta Lynch

As the Nations’ top law enforcement officer, Lynch would almost certainly have an impact on our Second Amendment rights.  We know Lynch supports the Obama administration’s position to ban “assault weapons.”  And, we know that the general-purpose rifles that gun control supporters call "assault weapons"–such as the AR-15–are the most popular rifles in the United States.  We also know that the President’s previous choice for Attorney General–Eric Holder–clearly demonstrated the damage an Obama-appointed, agenda-driven, anti-gun Attorney General can do to our rights and freedoms as Americans.


March 18th, 2015 – National Association for Gun Rights Opposes Loretta Lynch Attorney General Nomination

"Lynch has refused to answer direct questions about gun rights and dodged questions about the
Justice Department’s gun smuggling scheme Fast and Furious,&quot said NAGR President Dudley
Brown, "given her close personal and professional ties to this lawless administration, gun owners
fully expect her to be Eric Holder 2.0.

March 21, 2015 – Gun rights groups in fierce opposition to Loretta Lynch as next attorney general

Calling Lynch, "Eric Holder 2.0," a number of pro-gun groups are lobbying the Senate to oppose President Obama’s attorney general nominee in an upcoming close vote that could see the vice president as a tiebreaker.

Normally, the United States Senate would rubberstamp any nominee for any position, but some members of the Senate and some gun rights organizations have voiced concerns over her. Their concerns seem to tie in with her relationship to the Obama Administration and how anti-gun rights it has shown to be.

I agree. But I’m pragmatic enough to know that it doesn’t matter who the next Attorney General is.

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