Mace ‘Guardsman’ To Debut At Eurosatory As Mira Unveils Latest Applications For Its UGV Technology


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MIRA, the internationally recognized engineering business with specialist unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) and defense expertise, will reveal the latest application for its proprietary UGV control system at Eurosatory next month (11-15 June).

MIRA’s Autonomous Control Equipment (MACE) enables unmanned vehicle platforms to be operated remotely and autonomously at distances up to 20 kilometers away and the system has been applied to a vehicle known as ‘Guardsman’ to showcase its patrol and perimeter protection capability for the first time.

MACE technology is mission-proven in Afghanistan, having been deployed in an IED detection role by the British Army. However, as ‘Guardsman’ will highlight, MACE’s functionality can be tailored to specific customer needs and its modularity affords a high degree of flexibility over both payload selection as well as the vehicle platform to which it’s applied.

Ahead of the Eurosatory, MIRA’s senior global sales manager for defense systems, Rob Mohacsi said: “Uniquely MACE is the only UGV control system that has proven itself in theater on vehicles weighing in excess of 4 tons and ‘Guardsman’ – which incorporates a surveillance capability alongside obstacle avoidance technology – ably demonstrates how readily it can be adapted for alternate roles.

“For nearly a decade MIRA has been at the forefront UGV systems, during which time our capabilities have expanded to incorporate every aspect of product development and deployment – from the design, specification and build of the UGV, to the integration of payload systems and in-the-field support.”

As the only international dedicated land security and defense event, Eurosatory attracts over 7,000 visitors from the armed forces and security agencies in over 100 countries – including Ministers of Defense and Secretaries of State – though MIRA anticipates that MACE will also be of keen interest to non-military personnel.

MIRA’s business development director Geoff Davis points to MACE’s wider operational applications: “We believe that in addition to MACE’s obvious military uses, the ability to safely extend perimeter awareness, through hidden and dead ground surveillance as well as 24/7 operation will appeal to customers including major infrastructure owners and operators.

“Flexibility of integration means MACE is an extremely cost effective UGV solution, particularly when you consider that MIRA can provide bespoke operator training as well as ongoing service support.”

MIRA’s UGV and defense engineering capabilities cover whole vehicle design, integration, testing and certification. The ability to act as a straightforward test-house or as a prime contractor means that MIRA is able to respond to urgent operational requirements of varying size and complexity.

This flexibility, a customer-focused approach and unrivaled test facilities have proven invaluable for customers including: UK MOD, BAe Systems, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, and NP Aerospace.

About MIRA

MIRA is a leading independent engineering company specializing in delivering automotive technology to the defense sector. MIRA’s capabilities cover whole vehicle design, integration, testing and certification – providing defense customers with a high degree of flexibility MIRA can operate as a straightforward test-house through to a prime contractor responsible for the design, development engineering and low volume vehicle build, and has demonstrated its ability to respond to urgent operational requirements of varying size and complexity.

To support engineering activities MIRA has over 30 major test facilities including EMC, climatic chambers, vibration testing facilities, vehicle dynamics facilities and a comprehensive proving ground with over 80 km of different types of tracks and features. MIRA also has almost two acres of secure workshop and associated office space, secure facilities and IT networks accredited by the UK MOD, and subject matter expertise in all areas of vehicle technology.