Machine Gun Monday – Browning M2 HMG


The iconic Browning M2 HMB has been winning wars and helping soldiers win Congressional Medals of Honor since 1923.

The Browning M2HB .50 caliber machine gun was first introduced into service with the US Army in 1923 and is still in use today.

The only other small arms in service to the US Army longer than the M2 is the M1911 .45ACP handgun also designed by John Browning.

It has graduated sights good for 2,845yds, but is effective well beyond that range.

The M2 has a cyclic rate of 450-600 rounds per minute.

Weight: 84lbs

Overall Length: 65 inches

Barrel Length: 45inches

Factoid: On January 26th, 1945 during the Battle of the Bulge, Lieutenant Audie Murphy used a Browning M2 mounted on a disabled armored vehicle to stop advancing German infantry. While using the M2, he also called in artillery fire to disable the tanks supporting the Germans. Lieutenant Murphy was awarded the Medal of Honor.

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