Machine Gun Monday – Steyr AUG A1


The Full-Auto Blaster Used Around The World.

This Week, Machine Gun Monday takes a look at the Steyr AUG A1.

The Steyr AUG (Armee Universal Gewehr – Universal Army Rifle) was first adopted by the Austrian Army in 1977 and began production in 1978 as a replacement for the FN-FAL. The AUG underwent design changes in 1982 and was redesignated the AUG A1. The AUG has since been adopted by many armies worldwide and is arguably the most popular bullpup assault rifle ever built.

Design Features

  1. The bullpup design places the firing mechanism and magazine behind the trigger. This shortens the overall length and weight of the rifle for a given barrel length.
  2. The AUG A1 has a progressive trigger design that allows both semi-automatic and fully-automatic fire. Pulling the trigger half-way fires the rifle as a semi-automatic and fully pulling the trigger is full-auto at about 700 rounds per minute.
  3. A built-in 1.5X Swarovski Optik with black reticle provides a basic rangefinder. A 5ft-11inch man at 300 meters completely fills the inside of the Reticle. Placing the reticle on the center of target within 300 meters will nearly guarantee a hit. The scope has windage and elevation adjustments for zeroing.
  4. The AUG is fully ambidextrous by changing the bolt and moving an ejection cover plate.
  5. The AUG has a quick-change barrel system that allows operators to change the barrel in seconds.
  6. The AUG body is impact resistant polymer.


  1. Caliber: 5.56X45 NATO
  2. Twist Rate: 1 in 9" or 1 in 7"
  3. Rate of Fire: 680-700 rounds per minute
  4. Barrel Groups: Interchangeable, 14.5", 16", 20" with gas regulator and swing / pivot type barrel grip. Cold hammer forged. Chrome- lined bore including chamber.
  5. Weight Empty: With 16" barrel: 7.3 lbs – With 20" barrel: 7.9 lbs
  6. Overall Length: With 14.5" barrel: 27" – With 16" barrel: 28" With 20" barrel: 31"
  7. Overall Height: 11 "
  8. Magazine: Detachable, synthetic – transparent staggered box type
  9. Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds (42 rounds optional)
  10. Action: Gas-operated. Gas regulator with two action settings for firing to guarantee proper function under all conditions.
  11. Trigger: "Pull through" trigger system. Fires semi automatic when pulled halfway to a clearly felt point, fires fully automatic when pulled fully back.
  12. Trigger Mechanism: Synthetic (except for springs, steel bearing pins and catch holding open)
  13. Safety: Lateral push-through type locks trigger
  14. Stock: Synthetic, olive or black.
  15. Bolt: Rotary bolt, with seven locking lugs. The rifle can easily be changed from right to left hand ejection

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