MDT Unimount Has Arrived

MDT Unimount

MDT Unimount is now available at


“The only mount I’ve ever used that tolerates significant side trauma without shifting”

-Scott Satterlee – MDT Sponsored Shooter, PRS & NRL Competitor


Modular Driven Technologies announces the Elite Unimount scope mounting system. The Elite Unimount is designed to be the most rugged and repeatable mounting system available for your precision rifle. 

Made from precision-machined aluminum, the MDT Unimount is available in 34mm and 35mm diameters. The two diameter options are available in three different heights:  Low 1.18”, Med 1.34” and High 1.50”(measured from top of rail to center of bore). The Elite Unimount has 0 MOA cant built into mount for ambidextrous use. 

The Elite Unimount is machined on an automated seven-axis, high-end CNC machine  with the bottom rail interface being machined at the same time as the scope clamp interface, guaranteeing all rings are square and parallel. All surfaces are CMM checked to 1.5 millionths of an inch precision. 

Ensuring rigidity, the Elite unimount uses an extra thick, single piece clamp system will never bend, fatigue, or become loose with use as well as an integral recoil lug built into underside interface to ensure ultimate repeatability and strength under recoil. The Elite Unimount is attached to a one-piece scope base via four cross bolts machined to interface with picatinny lugs and provide extreme clamping force. Additionally, the Elite unimount provides a longer than standard mounting interface to better engage with the scope base rail. The Elite Unimount feature uses a stepped base-to-cap interface allows the fasteners on one side to be tightened before making final scope alignment adjustments.

MDT Elite Unimount is designed and manufactured to STANAG 4694 specification, also known as “NATO spec”. This means that the Elite Unimount sits tight to the top of the scope base rail, with pressure being applied to the underside of the angled rail surfaces to maintain a solid interface even with out-of-spec rails.

Elite Unimount MSRP $329.90

Available at

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