Media-Day at the Range with Caracal Firearms


This year, the NSSF Media-Day at the Range was a fantastic display of products, brands and personalities combined with some of the top media organizations of the shooting industry.
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With more than 1000 press personnel in attendance, the media-specific event has grown significantly from it’s previous years as Internet bloggers and broadcast media continue to introduce shooting sports into main stream media channels with reality shows for all types of gun lovers and evangelists.

One of our favorite booths this year was that of Caracal Firearms from Abu Dhabi, UAE with their newest product, the revolutionary semi-automatic 9mmx19 Caracal F pistol. With it’s 10 or 18-round magazine and ~8mm trigger pull, an extremely low profile slide and bore axis greatly reduce shooting recoil on the F. The double-action pistol also features an ambidextrous magazine release button and polymer frame with your choice of 2-dot or 3-dot sights or the Caracal Quick Acquisition Sight System.

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Another model, the Caracal C, performed very well for us when we put several rounds on steel down range. The C is a compact version of the full size Caracal F, boasting a 15 round magazine as well as a tactical rail. Configured with the Quick Acquisition Sight System, the Caracal C is an intriguing weapon that makes you want to shoot it!

Need a backup gun? Maybe you should also check out the new 13-round sub-compact 9mx19 Caracal SC which will be available to commercial users by fall 2012.

Another important note is that all of these Caracal firearms meet NATO D14 test criteria, along with that of the German TA Police Standard and the Federal Armed Forces Technical Purchasing standard.

So, if you’re at SHOT Show this year be sure to visit their booth (#2829) and see the great products they have to offer. You can also learn more on the website at

Also, if you’ve shot a Caracal firearm, please share your experience with us.