Mega Admin Pouch from Zulu Nylon Gear – “Every Day Crap”


EAGLElement reviews the Mega Admin Pouch by Zulu Nylon Gear.

EDC (Every Day Carry), or as I like to call it “Every Day Crap” is a topic I’ve stayed away from for many reasons. It’s so subjective, and relative to your specific needs. The crap I’m talking about are things like, knifes, guns, pins, wallets, ammo, cell phones, trauma kit, keys, etc. Don’t get me wrong this stuff can help protect you in a time of need, but where does one stop? With this said, I think I can help you decided on a method of organizing this stuff.

I think we can all agree items associated with EDC are the things you need NOW, and you need them organized in a manner that’s easily recognizable and accessible. A great example of this concept is the Mega Admin Pouch by Zulu Nylon Gear. Joel Zaruba is the man behind Zulu Nylon. Joel is a great guy, but what I like most about him is that he doesn’t compartmentalize his design concepts. He listens to the end user and often teams up with other industry professionals like ITS Tactical. This business model allows Joel to produce some of the better EDC applications available, like the Mega Admin Pouch.

Originally, the Mega Admin was designed for folks involved in a ground combat roll who required quick access to mission data or tools, like maps, GPS, and pins. Understanding this you’ll notice the backside features 6 X 5 rows of PALS webbing that allow mounting to a chosen system. However, I’ve found it to be perfect as a stand alone pouch for consolidating all the EDC crap that floats in the secondary pocket of my Grey Ghost Assault Pack. The front exterior features two stowage compartments, and 2 chem-light keepers; I use these for pin keepers. A clamshell design allows quick and unrestricted access. Inside the front panel you’ll find a huge loop VELCRO® field. On the opposite panel, 2 small pockets are sewn up front and directly behind these is a single large compartment. Stretchy panels are sewn on the exterior and interior of both pocket systems, and 2 interior “D” rings are sewn at the base of the pouch. Finally, an adjustable paracord draw bridge allows users to keep the clamshell from opening all the way. I’ve removed this feature to allow unrestricted access.

This pouch has answered two major issues for me. The first being organization, and the second accessibility. Before, stuff that didn’t fit into my pockets went into the outside pocket of my pack. This was frustrating and counter-intuitive on my part. I know I’m a slow learner! A big thanks goes out to Joel for helping me see the light!

Pouch Specs:

Approximately 6.25″x9″x2″

Attaches with 4 Long MALICE Clips (not included)

Made with high quality MILSPEC components

Sewn in Chicago!

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