Welcome to the world’s only nighttime 3 gun match!

When the sun sets over the hills of Central Oregon, the night will resound to the clang of steel, the smell of burnt powder and the sight of lasers across the sky. It’s shaping up to be a unique shooting experience with a great crew, challenging stages and the chance to see how you stack up when performing outside your comfort zone.

More open than Open division, you can use whatever equipment you think gives you an advantage. Want to run thermal imaging kit? No problem. Multiple weapon lights and IR lasers? Knock yourself out.

This is the World’s first and only nighttime 3 gun match and it will test you like no other event you’ve ever shot. Featuring night vision and thermal imaging equipment, full auto stage guns and a chance to see how you stack up when the lights go out.


Get more information at http://www.crimsontrace.com/m3gi