Navy SEAL Watches from Luminox


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It’s no secret that Navy SEALs and special operations soldiers typically have the coolest, most efficient and high-tech gear on the battlefield. For many elite operators, Luminox has become the watch of choice for those carrying out missions underwater and in darkness.

Barry Cohen and Richard Timbo founded Luminox in 1989, driven by a commitment to offer cutting-edge luminescence and readability in a line of high-performance sports watches.

The Luminox Navy SEAL watch is the masterful timepiece making Luminox famous. Nick North, the officer in charge of procurement for the Navy SEALs, discovered Luminox at a trade show. Realizing Luminox watches would be better watch for missions in darkness, he worked with Cohen to develop a watch specifically for the Navy SEALs.

Lumi is Latin for light while Nox is Latin for night

Luminox then developed a watch for the US Air Force pilots flying the F-117 Nighthawk fighter jet. The pilots had contacted Lockheed Martin, which turned into an exclusive opportunity to produce Lockheed Martin timepieces.

Over the past 20 years, Luminox has been adopted by many elite military and law enforcement units as standard equipment.

Luminox timepieces are the combination of cutting-edge technology, forward-thinking design and extreme performance. The Luminox self-powered illumination (LLT) allows one to view time at-a-glance, no matter what the light level, even in complete darkness – up to 25 years of complete darkness, in fact! Operating professionals of the military and law enforcement require the ability to read time effortlessly under any and all circumstances, and this is why the U.S. Navy SEAL procurement officers came to Luminox looking for dive watches to support night missions. It’s also why Air Force pilots flying the F-117 Nighthawk™ prefer Luminox, too.

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