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The beginning of a new year usually means resolutions to better ones self and start afresh. Exercise more, eat better, not procrastinate as much, etc. While I personally don’t participate in the whole New Year’s resolution fad much, I do find myself looking to organize my life better. I’ll admit I am a self-proclaimed neat freak. I don’t like clutter or disorganization. It makes me twitch. This has been somewhat of a challenge as I have young children that seem to leave clutter and chaos wherever they go. While I may be losing the organization battle in my home, I still try to take the time and organize my gear whenever possible. As a gear dork I have all kinds of bits and pieces of kit laying around my in workshop, buried in my range bag, tucked away in my vehicle and stored in the day pack I use for work. Many of the items are small and somewhat irregular in size and tend to get lost in the fray. Items like pens, multi tools, fresh batteries, spare parts for my AR and other firearms, chemlights and so on and so forth.

I came across a small online company the other day that specializes in creating soft goods to assist in my quest to be more organized. The company is called TAREINCO. They pride themselves in creating “Effective Solutions” ranging from weapon accessories, organizational pouches and medical gear. A few of their pieces of kit have proved effective for sorting out some of my miscellaneous, easy to lose items.

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TAREINCO Neat Freak Pouch (NFP)

I started with the Neat Freak Pouch. The name of this handy pouch suits me very well and is the base for this small and compact organizational system. The NFP is a constructed from 1000D CORDURA brand fabric and is 10 inches long and 7 inches wide. The top has a full length zipper for access into the main compartment. The zipper has a 2 inch loop of 550 cord attached for easy opening and closing with gloves. The front of the NFP has a 2 inch by 5 inch patch field for your favorite moral patch, unit designator or additional hook and loop storage systems. Below the patch field is a matrix of 4 elastic sleeves. These are perfect for easy storage and access to pens, chemlights, medical shears or spare rounds. The back of the NFP has a hook backing for attachment to loop-lined bags. My range bag is loop-lined and allows the NFP to be easily installed and removed. In the lower right hand corner of the bag there is a non-elastic loop that I found to be perfect for a carabineer. This allows me to clip the bag to all kinds of packs and gear. My Neat Freak Pouch came with a Kryptek Typhoon camo pattern on the outside and a bright high viability orange color on the inside. The hiviz interior is very handy. I don’t know about you, but I have lost a part or two in my range bag that has never seen the light of day again. Trying to find small, black objects in a vast, black bag sucks. The hiviz interior of the NFP makes those objects easy to see and find.

Cost: $27.50


The EDC-Insert compliments the Neat Freak Pouch. It is specifically designed to fit inside the pouch and is a simple, yet versatile addition to the NFP. The EDC-Insert is essentially a stiff 5-1/2 inch by 9 inch piece of black CORDURA that slips easily into the NFP. It has a large patch field on the front. The patch field allows for an infinite number of accessory options that can be bought from TAREINCO and other manufactures. The EDC comes with three of TAREINCO’s Sleeve Slappers which is essentially elastic sleeves with hooked backing. This allows the user to store all kinds of items from pens, to multi-tools, flashlights and larger spare parts like AR bolt carrier groups. While I didn’t have any on hand (hard to come by these days) a round of 40mm would fit nicely in the larger Sleeve Slapper loop. The back of the EDC has a non-closable slip pocket. This works well for small paper items like a passport, note pad, pack of Kleenex or baby wipes (very handy even if you don’t have kids) or honey-do-list.

Cost: $20.00

TAREINCO ChemLight Insert (CLI)

The ChemLight Insert is a nifty insert can be carried in the Neat Freak Pouch as well as attached to the EDC-Insert or as a stand-alone item meant to be carried on the users belt or in a standard 5.56 mag pouch. This a smaller 3 inch by 5-1/2 inch piece of rigid black CORDURA with four elastic loops on the front as well as a loop field below. On the back there is a loop for use with a belt up to 2 inches wide as well as a hook system. The CLI will hold 4 chemLights, pens or other similarly sized items. The loop on the front is designed to work with another CLI so you can stack them together and store them in your magazine pouch for easy access to your chemLights. This keeps the chemLights upright and somewhat protected preventing them from getting bent and accidentally activated, wasting a good chemLight and potentially giving away your position. While I don’t often carry chemLights on a daily basis anymore I find them very useful for Sharpie pens which are great for the range to mark up targets with. They are also just the right size to hold larger caliber rifle rounds such as the .50 BMG.

Cost: $15.00

Final Thoughts

If I could make a few tweaks, I might do the following modifications: Use a larger hook field on the back of the NFP for more secure attachment as well as supporting a heavier load. I think it would also make sense for the NFP to be water resistant by using a Gortex type material and sealing the zipper. The EDC would also benefit more if it used a full loop field on the front. In the current configuration there is an inch across the top that is not covered with the loop material. If this space was utilized, it would allow for more accessory attachments. In my mind, the back pocket of the EDC should be sealable to secure the loose paper type items. While not an issue while stored in the NFP, once removed I envision items potentially coming out.

Overall, I find this to be a useful piece of gear. The amount of small and useful items that can be neatly stored in the NFP and its accessories is fantastic. Now, when I am at the range, I only have one place to go for all my loose ends. It is a simple and thoughtful storage solution. If you are a neat freak like me, TARENICO may have the solution for you. Visit for more information.

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