New Leica Photo-Adapter


Leica Sport Optics introduces its new Photo-Adapter, which swiftly and easily transforms spotting scopes into high-performance telephoto lenses. The new seven-lens Leica Photo-Adapter connects all major brands of film and digital SLR cameras to Leica APO-Televid spotting scopes providing wildlife observers and photographers new opportunities to combine technologies.

Thanks to an overall focal length of 800mm (35mm equivalent), the new adapter makes it possible to capture richly detailed and impressive wildlife images, even at greater distances.

The Leica Photo-Adapter is the latest addition to Leica’s line of digiscoping accessories for use with Televid spotting scopes. Leica is the only premium-segment optical systems manufacturer to offer a complete product portfolio for digiscoping applications – from Leica cameras and adapters to high-performance Leica spotting scopes. All individual components are perfectly matched, enabling users to capture impressive photos that are otherwise only possible with special telephoto lenses mounted on premium SLR cameras.

To use, simply remove the spotting scope eyepiece and replace it with the new Leica Photo-Adapter. A precisely engineered threaded mount that is simply screwed onto the multifunctional thread of the spotting scope guarantees secure attachment. Cameras can then be connected by means of a readily available T2 adapter.

Working with the lightweight Leica Photo-Adapter (only 8 oz) is simple. An additional rotating mechanism enables photographers to change quickly and easily between landscape and portrait formats. The adapter can be locked in the chosen setting with a knurled setting screw.

The Leica Photo-Adapter is also ideal for use with full format sensors, which also ensures no edge-vignetting effects. In addition to DSLRs, the adapter allows users to mount other digital system cameras and film SLRs – for instance Leica R-System cameras using a suitable T2 adapter.

The Leica Photo-Adapter is scheduled to be available at authorized Leica dealers from October 2012.

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