Nightforce Introduces The Wedge Prism


As Nightforce fans continue to push the boundaries of what is possible for target distances, some riflescopes lack the necessary elevation travel. We created the Wedge Prism with extreme long range shooters in mind.

The Wedge Prism is a clip-on accessory that mounts to a forward or continuous MIL-STD 1913 Picatinny rail to increase the effective elevation travel. It optically shifts the incoming image to the riflescope by a precise elevation value, which directly adds to the available elevation travel within any riflescope.

It provides a repeatable offset of the optical image, yet minimizes the loss of image quality, resolution or clarity. Available as a 50 MOA/14.5 MRAD or 100 MOA/29.1 MRAD variant, shooters can choose an individual unit or combine models to tailor the amount of additional offset needed to reach their target. The quick-detach lever allows for rapid and repeatable installation and removal in the field, and by attaching to a rail prevents additional stresses on the riflescope.

Let’s test the limits a little farther. AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 2020.

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