Not Yet Begun to Fight


One battle is over. Another is just beginning.

Often times the battle at home is harder to win than the one overseas.

A new documentary is making the rounds at film festivals and public screenings across the country. Producers travel to Montana with a five young veterans. Some have physical injuries, and others suffer from something more internal. But, on the banks of a quiet trout stream, retired Marine Colonel Eric Hastings believes he can help heal these men.

To quote the website, “He brings them to the river and shares his secret: there are places where you can still be consumed by a simple act, find joy in a fight, and be redeemed as you gently release another creature, unharmed, into quiet waters.”

The best part about this film is watching the change in each man’s eyes. You can see it. Their battle isn’t over, but you can see a shift in their outlook on life when they realize they can still achieve seemingly impossible goals!

My soon to be brother in law was one of the five young men in this film. Its not hard to see that those few days in Montana changed his life forever.

Check out the trailer, and find a screening near you. Its worth every minute.