Oakley SI Ballistic Crosshair


The stone-cold cool of vintage aviators now has the heat of Oakley attitude with the SI Ballistic Crosshair.

The Crosshair has been a highly popular model for Oakley for quite some time but the Ballistic Crosshair has combined the stylish, classic look of aviator style sunglasses with a lens that meets or exceeds the military standards for ballistic fragmentation impact standards and High Mass Impact Testing for ANSI Z87.1.

Basically, Oakley uses a 17.6 ounce pointed spike and drops them on both the frame and lens from 50-inches as a High Mass test. The High Velocity Impact test consists of a .25-inch diameter steel ball being fired at 150 ft/s. They also use a .15 diameter, 5.85 grain cylindrical shaped projectile fired at approximately 640-660 feet. This testing is reflective of the conditions eye protection would need to stand up against if exposed to ballistic fragmentation. Any cracking of the lens or dislodging of parts automatically disqualifies the glasses from meeting the strength and durability testing.

Eye protection is highly important in shooting sports, but a lot of shooting glasses are not particularly stylish and a lot of them scream “shooting glasses”. While this may not be an issue for most of us, some of the people who use a gun for a living need something just a little bit more covert. This is where the new Oakley SI Ballistic Crosshair comes in.

The Ballistic Crosshair’s frame is made of ultra-lightweight alloys that make the glasses very easy to wear on top of having the ballistic abilities. It also gives them a classy, professional look that has three-letter agent written all over them. The Unobtainium® nose and ear pieces add to the comfort on the places that typically get sore when wearing glasses. The lenses block 100% of UVA/UVB rays and harmful blue light up to 400 nm wavelength, and they’re also fog proof.

my wife and I have been wearing the Oakley SI Ballistic Crosshair for a couple months now and they’ve held up very well in day-to-day activities. they’re pretty tough, too. We found out when my seven-month old daughter decided to pull them of my face and dropped them under my feet as I stepped on them. But, after a little reshaping they’re good as new.

From suit and tie alphabet agents to weekends and on the range, the Ballistic Crosshair is certainly a pair of eyewear that should not be overlooked. Mine have certainly become an integral component of my EDC package and I wear them daily. I strongly recommend the SI to anyone looking for a functional, protective yet stylish eyewear solution.

The Oakley SI Ballistic Crosshair retails for $260. Learn more about the SI Ballistic Crosshair at https://www.oakleysi.com/Product_Detail.cfm?id=839. Be sure to follow Oakley SI on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/OakleySI, too.


  1. how can i find a pair of these glasses. i am in college and do not have much money to spend on a $200 pair of glasses. Is there any place that i can find these glasses for cheaper?
    Thank you

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