PAPER SHOOTERS™ – Cardboard Guns that Shoot!


CARDBOARD WARFARE: Blast Paper Ammo Up To 75ft!

Meet inventor, Mr. Mike Howarth. Mike has just released his product on Indiegogo today! It is a brand new blaster, but is made primarily from cardboard.

The Blasters start at $45 and go to $65 for the limited edition Gold/ Zombie Camo’s – ALL with FREE SHIPPING in the USA and UK. Although we are from the UK they will be shipped from the warehouse in San Francisco.

Kit Contents

  • Plastic shape (skeleton) and all internal mechanics, rivets, springs etc
  • Layer one Camo Skin (with rivets/ screws to attach to plastic)
  • Layer two Camo Skin (glues onto layer one to add significant detail)
  • A Magazine- additional Mags available
  • 8 Gold Shells with 50 pcs of pre made ‘soft splat’ paper ammo
  • Mould to make ‘soft splat’ ammo from ordinary paper (never need run out of pellets)
  • Zombie head target (this is a cardboard model head- made from the box itself)

    This is a model kit which enables the customer to build a cardboard rifle. The product is designed to be a “trophy” product for gaming enthusiasts. Once the Blaster has been made, the user can make paper pellets and load them into shells which are loaded into the magazines. When fired the “soft splat” paper pellets can travel up to 75 feet, and upon reloading the shell is ejected from the side. The blaster can be customized and camo’s can be interchanged- I have also attached the ‘Zombie Slayer’ and ‘Golden Touch Camo’ versions.

    “Everything is included in the box. It uses screws and a patented ‘rivet’ system. An ordinary rivet cannot be opened when fixed but the ones utilized in our kits can. The kit even contains a tool so you can ‘un pop’ them and change the skins, pieces etc. Glue/ screwdriver, etc all included!”

    These are construction kits more so than a toy (think like making a model plane) where the end product is a replica (of sorts) of an m4 rifle. The emphasis is on the ‘gunsmith experience’


    We have worked with a great team at to produce PAPER SHOOTERS™ to an awesome standard. The team includes ex Hasbro designers who previously worked on numerous Nerf and Star Wars products for over 12 years. We have also worked with a fantastic UK artist who specializes in working with Cardboard.

    Easy steps: Build the blaster> Load wet or dry pellets into the shells> Load the shells into the magazine> Clip the magazine into the blaster> pull back the cocking arm> Aim blaster and pull the trigger > pull back cocking arm, and watch the empty shell eject automatically from the side> Next shell is loaded automatically.

    We would appreciate your support! If you like our idea and project, please spread the word and visit us at