Perfection Is The Ultimate Goal In Shooting


Do you know how to make a perfect shot?

As most of you know, I used to compete in Olympic Shooting, a sport that demands a lot of training and repetition almost to the point of converting you into a machine of perfection. Perfect technique, perfect repetition equals perfect shots. This is the philosophy I follow when I’m practicing ANY discipline of shooting, whether is be Tactical, USPSA, IDPA, etc.

If you analyze the vast majority of targets you’ll realize that these targets challenge you to shoot at the center. they’re designed to challenge you to the perfect shot! That’s why I ask my students, “Do you know how to make a perfect shot?” Most don’t know how to answer the question, or better yet they evade the question by saying that they don’t need to shoot perfectly. Most just want to make sure they hit the target, feeling like that is adequate. Excuses, excuses, excuses!

So, next time you head to the range for practice, reserve a single bullet to see how good your technique is. Remember, one day you might have only one bullet and that shot might have to be “the perfect shot.”

A former Venezuelan National Champion and Olympian (Sydney 2000), Gabby Franco is a Professional Firearms Instructor, USPSA competitor and Top Shot All-Star. Her new book titled, TroubleShooting: Mastering your Pistol Marksmanship is on sale now at