Piers Morgan Gets Educated by Joshua Boston, former Marine and Author of Viral Letter to Senator Feinstein



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Joshua Boston, the former Marine who sent an open letter to Senator Dianne Feinstein slamming her gun control proposal, appeared on CNN Tuesday to face a rather muted Piers Morgan. Boston believes that more guns, not more gun legislation, are the answer and Morgan pressed him on his logic, asking, “Where does that lead America, other than utter, Wild West hell?”

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According to Boston, it won’t lead there because Americans are “smarter” than that and would know when to “hold their fire.” Boston said he wrote the letter because he was worried that under Feinstein’s proposal, his family would be “disarmed” after his death and wouldn’t be able to inherit his weapons. Throughout the interview, he explained that he believed that teachers should be armed, as well as average citizens, in order to protect themselves. Boston doesn’t think handguns or pistols are enough, however, and maintained that AR-15 rifles should not be banned.

Boston recently went on Fox & Friends to espouse his view that gun control in the U.S. was dangerous because “in the third reich…no one saw that coming until it was too late.” He previously said he would not comply with any new gun legislation that was passed because “unconstitutional laws aren’t laws.”

He emphasized to Morgan that he did not want his constitutional rights infringed upon, to which the host quipped, “I believe the rights of a 6- or 7-year-old child to go to school without being murdered” are more important.

Boston noted that he didn’t disagree but said the “taboo” on the subject of guns needed to be lifted. “Ignorance is a bad thing,” he added.



  1. Joshua Boston is our Veteran he is smart and very intelligent and well spoken. I think he brought the Gun Owners argument to Piers Morgan quite well. Actually Piers looked a little defeated at the end of the interview.
    Morgan should be deported.

  2. So according to this reporter it is ok for some one else (as long as they are in the services or law enforcement) to defend him with an M4 but that same service person can not defend himself of his family with a civilian AR15 which is semi automatic and not fully auto like the M4. That’s very nice isn’t it? It’s hypocrisy and selfishness and nothing less.

    A 5.56 or 223 aren’t any more dangerous than a 30.06 or .270 but that’s how these critiques are viewing things. Shows how much they know.

  3. hey piers look at the gun control laws in the uk(glad they kicked you out) and australia. violent crime has shot up tremendously. gun control doesn’t work you slimey pig.

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