Police SWAT Team Tests FAB Defense Weapon Accessories Designed to Improve Tactical Shotgun Performance


The Mako Group provides distribution in the USA to give law enforcement, military units, and sportsmen ways to make their shotguns the preferred weapon for many critical situations.

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Farmingdale, NY (gunsandtactics.com) – The Mako Group, a leading US distributor of weapon accessories designed and manufactured in Israel, has announced that the Baltimore Police Department SWAT Team has successfully tested a FAB DEFENSE shotgun buttstock for its tactical operations.

To support police departments across the USA, Mako is now stocking an expanded line of more than 30 FAB products that can improve shotgun performance.

For more than 50 years, the shotgun was the shoulder weapon of choice for police operations, but, in the last decade or so, the rifle has moved into the top position. Today, many police departments either refuse to use shotguns, or use them only in less lethal circumstances.

There are situations in which a shotgun would be a better choice than a rifle, but the higher perceived recoil of a shotgun, compared to that of a 5.56 mm carbine or a pistol, presents a unique problem that must be overcome before a shotgun will be accepted as the preferred weapon. For some time, a limited number of reduced-recoil shotgun loads have been available that help manage actual recoil. Now there is a series of shock-absorbing FAB DEFENSE buttstocks that are easily installed on Remington 870 and Mossberg 500/590 shotguns to help the operator handle the recoil from any round.

This Remington 870 shotgun is equipped with FAB DEFENSE accessories that transform it into a more easily controlled, higher-performance modern tactical weapon.

This Remington 870 shotgun is equipped with FAB DEFENSE accessories that transform it into a more easily controlled, higher-performance modern tactical weapon. From left to right this shotgun is enhanced by a FAB AGRF870-FK Folding Collapsible Buttstock System; Integral Pistol Grip; PR-870 Tactical Forend; TFL Folding Foregrip; PLS Offset Light Mount; and a SpeedLight 6v Tactical Flashlight. The collective result is a shotgun with less perceived recoil that is easier to use quickly and more accurately, to better support the needs of police, security forces, military, hunters and other civilians.

The advantages provided by FAB buttstocks include enhanced performance and versatility. Models offer rock-solid, one-piece, ergonomic design with integral pistol grip; built-in shock absorber; storage compartment for batteries or cleaning kit; a rubber buttpad that grips body armor; and multiple points of attachment for slings. There are ambidextrous folding and collapsible FAB buttstocks with instantly adjustable lengths to virtually custom-fit any size shooter and accommodate changes in clothing bulk.

"Now, in situations where a shotgun round would be preferred, there is no reason to settle for a rifle or pistol round."

Also available are optional M4 style aluminum buffer tubes and adjustable cheek risers that allow the use of optics and open sights while accommodating helmets and face shields.

All FAB tactical shotgun buttstocks have a non-slip texture and are manufactured from aircraft-grade aluminum, steel, and MIL-SPEC reinforced composite materials.

According to Addy Sandler, Chief Executive Officer of The Mako Group, “Bringing the shotgun up to modern tactical standards starts with controlling recoil with a FAB buttstock. This enables the user to stay on target and respond quickly, but adding pistol grips, foregrips, a variety of Picatinny rails, hand guards, shell holders, sling adapters, light mounts, and lights takes tactical shotguns to a whole new level that deserves serious consideration in any arsenal. Now, in situations where a shotgun round would be preferred, there is no reason to settle for a rifle or pistol round.”

Maximum Shotgun Versatility:

The wide range of FAB tactical accessories designed for Remington 870 and Mossberg 500/590 shotguns enables users to experience the highest levels of shotgun performance in all situations.

  • FAB AGR870-FKSB and AGM500-FKSB Buttstocks feature patented systems that provide the industry’s greatest reduction in perceived recoil.
  • FAB PR870 and FAB PR-MO Tactical Forends provide three strong platforms on which to mount any tactical FAB, or other brand, accessories having standard Picatinny mounting systems. The FAB BM-4 Quad Rail offers the same opportunity to Benelli M4 shotgun users.
  • FAB SH-5 Shotgun Shell Holder secures five extra 12-guage rounds at the ready, on your shotgun, for fast reloading. Extremely strong, rigid design, with easy Picatinny attachment and quick release.
  • FAB AGR870 and FAB AGM500 Pistol Grips allow the attachment of any M-4 compatible buffer tube for mounting M4 stocks. These grips mount at the correct angle for best recoil control.
  • FAB PLS and PLA Tactical Light Mounts provide ways to readily mount 3/4”, 1”, and 1-1/8” lasers and tactical lights, including the FAB SpeedLight Series which produces 100 to 120 lumens from a single CR123A lithium 3V battery and LEDs.

Detailed information about all FAB Defense buttstocks, forends, shell holders, pistol grips, rails, lights, and other accessories for the Remington 870, Mossberg 500/590, and Benelli M4 shotguns is available at http://www.themakogroup.com.

Baltimore SWAT Test and Evaluation

Recently, the Baltimore, Maryland, Police Department SWAT Team conducted tests with a FAB AGR870-FKSB Recoil-Reducing, Folding, Collapsible, Shotgun Buttstock. Here are excerpts paraphrased from the actual Baltimore SWAT report:

Important Operational Issues

  1. Multiple carry configurations
  2. Increased recoil reduction
  3. Decrease in target reacquisition time
  4. Increase in overall recoil management
  5. Ease of use
  6. Reduction in time for follow-on shots

Operational Testing and Evaluation

  1. Configuration Description… recoil-reducing folding buttstock and pistol grip on a Remington 870 shotgun…the system is ambidextrous…there is also a compartment in the buttstock for battery storage. The extendable stock can be adjusted to five positions and the stock heel is covered with a rubber recoil pad.
  2. Operational Test and Evaluation Objectives… provide a side by side comparison of the Mako FAB and [another] recoil-reducing shotgun buttstock for the purpose of determining if either is superior during operational use. The test was conducted to compare the recoil reduction capability of the stocks and ultimately to provide the shooter with increased recoil management.
  3. Operational Test and Evaluation Events… Approximately 20 rounds of Federal Tactical Buckshot and 40 rounds of Federal slug ammunition were tested in both weapons systems.

The second phase of testing was conducted from the 25 yard line with Federal Tactical Slugs…There was significant recoil reduction with the Mako FAB stock, which enhanced the overall recoil management and provided a reduction in the time needed to reacquire the target.

The final phase of testing was rapid fire of 35 rounds of slug ammunition from the 25 yard line. During this phase, there was a measurable amount of recoil reduction [using the Mako FAB stock], which led to an increase in recoil management, effectively reducing the time to reacquire.

Recommendation… Overall, the FAB DEFENSE stock provided significant advantages when using Departmental Slug ammunition. The use of this stock will provide the operator with a reduction in felt recoil and a significant increase in recoil management. These two factors will not only increase the accuracy of follow-on shots, but will also reduce reengagement time. This will dramatically increase the operator’s ability to reacquire targets for follow-on engagements and his overall ability to effectively conduct threat evaluation.

In addition to the recoil reduction advantage, the stock also provided the operator with multiple options for stock configuration and sling carry positions.

To find out how your police department or security agency can benefit from FAB shotgun enhancements, call 631 880-3396.

Hunters can also benefit from FAB shotgun accessories.

Whether hunting with a shotgun is by choice or legislation, hunters can perform better and with greater comfort, accuracy, and faster follow-up shots, when their shotguns are equipped with many of the same FAB accessories that are essential to the optimum performance of law enforcement agencies and SWAT teams.


Since its inception in 1961, FAB DEFENSE has designed and manufactured the highest-quality, state-of-the-future tactical equipment for Israel’s Military and Police. FAB works closely with Israeli Special Forces and SWAT teams to produce creative, no-nonsense solutions to the mission-critical challenges met in the field.

Other battle-proven FAB DEFENSE products distributed in the USA by The Mako Group include carbine rail systems; hand guards; grips and combination bipod-grips; stocks; parts and accessories; safety rods; magazine accessories; rail covers; and KPOS, the pistol-to-rifle conversion that is prized by knowledgeable professional undercover operatives.

About The Mako Group

In addition to its broad line of FAB DEFENSE products, The Mako Group also offers Meprolight optical sights for M16, M4, AR-15, AK-47, AK-74, Galil, SA vz.58, shotguns, and other weapons, plus an extensive selection of Front Line holsters for tactical, on-duty, and private carry.

Because the products distributed by The Mako Group have been specifically requested, and used, by the Israel Defense Force (I.D.F.), Israeli Police, and Security Agencies, they have seen extensive real-world combat with some of the most elite forces in the world. Few distributors can make this claim about their products. These are true combat-proven weapon accessories.

The Mako Group is managed by former military, Secret Service, and Special Forces operatives that have tested, used, and relied on such equipment to preserve their lives and the lives of others.

The Mako Group is a Registered Contractor to the US Department of Defense.

For more information, contact The Mako Group, 1 Lenox Avenue, Farmingdale, NY 11735, 631-880-3396, info(at)themakogroup(dot)com or visit http://www.themakogroup.com.


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