“Powered” Targets: Thermal Silhouettes from IR.Tools


These are the new powered thermal targets from IR.Tools. They’re built with a decade and a half of IR-related construction and research experience, and they’re now available to the general public.

The lightweight thermal targets are heated with a proprietary technology called Fabroc. IR.Tools say Fabroc is nearly indestructible. Each target is constructed with a rubber-like material with no wires to cut or tear, and thus no worry for a short circuit caused by bullet penetration. 

Each is powered on a 12 or 24-volt battery. According to the manufacturer each will heat-efficient target will remain intact for 500 or more rounds, with a consistent thermal image and no flaring.

What makes the target so unique, IR.Tools says, is its durability. They advise that ranges at Ft. Bragg, NC have been using the same Fabroc target for nearly a decade, and quote an unnamed Range Manager there who reportedly said, 

“The unmatched number of shots it takes while maintaining a clear, realistic image to shoot is incredible.” 

Not only are these powered thermal targets an excellent option for training, but they are easy to use. Their longevity means they are cost-effective. Now you can have a safe powered thermal target that lasts during some of the more complex training options, such as shoot, no-shoot scenarios.

Feral pig target (thermal)

coyote target (thermal)

You can purchase the powered thermal shooting target, should you be so inclined, for an MSRP that ranges from $60.00 – $90.00 at INV PRO TECH Tools.

Fabroc technology for thermal targets

About IR.Tools

Established in 2006, IR.Tools, a leading provider of IR (infrared) protection for the Military and Law Enforcement, first offered a ¾” infrared patch sewn on every military uniform in the United States. They soon became a leading provider for infrared technology, with passive infrared patches, markers, and shooting targets for night vision and thermal image operations all over the world.

Protecting Those Who Protect Us is the IR.Tools mission. Itsgoal is to bring the men and women who risk their lives everyday home safely. In addition to advanced weapon training targets, IR.Tools proprietary IR patch, passive thermal targets, zeroing targets and thermal vehicle markers provide excellent IFF protection. Tom Boyer’s vision and passion for innovation has resulted in 21 patents. Be assured your IR.Tools protection is top-notch.


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