Pro Shoot-Off Set For Vegas Rumble


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Four competitors will converge in Las Vegas in January to compete for the inaugural 3GN Semi-Pro Division Championship, with the winner taking home the title of 3GN Semi-Pro Champion and $5,000 from DoubleStar. The top four competitors qualified out of 113 shooters that logged scores at 3GN partner matches and were signed up to compete in the 3GN Semi-Pro Series.

Of the four competitors, two steamrolled their way through the 2012 campaign, while it took the final weekend for the final two spots in the 3GN Semi-Pro Shoot-Off to be claimed. Warren Becker posted monster scores to run away with the number one seed in Semi-Pro, including a match win at MGM Ironman and a second place finish in Tactical Iron at Northwest Multigun Challenge. Kyle O’Glee finished second behind a match win at Midwest 3-Gun and a solid second place finish at Texas Mulligan Championship.

Rick Birdsall and Joel Turner needed every weekend in the season to crack the top four. Turner, who is in his first season shooting with the U.S. AMU, jumped divisions to get his points down the stretch, with big finishes at Fallen Brethren in Heavy Metal Optics and Blue Ridge in Heavy Metal to move more than 20 spots into the top four. For Birdsall, the big move was made at Blue Ridge where his second place finish earned him 99 series points to propel him into the final slot.

“Initially I just hoped to make into the top 25 to make it into the invitational,” Birdsall said. “But when the opportunity presented itself (to make the Shoot-Off), I knew I had to bear down and get in. It’s a really exciting opportunity. It’s a great chance to compete against some of the best up and coming shooters in the sport. It’s a great chance to get accustomed to the Pro Series in Vegas.”

In the first round, the fourth-seeded Birdsall will take on the top seed, Becker. In the opposing bracket, O’Glee, the second seed, will square off against the three seed, Turner. The winners will advance to the Championship round, where the winner will claim the title of 3GN Semi-Pro Champion, taking home a $5,000 payday from DoubleStar Corporation.

The four finalists are also among the top 25 3GN Semi-Pro competitors who have earned an invitation to the 3GN Pro Series Qualifier Match Feb. 9 in St. Augustine, Fla. For Pro Series Tour details, go to At the Qualifier, top 3GN Semi-Pros, Divisional finalists, along with Pros from the 2012 Tour, will battle for 16 slots in the 2013-2014 3GN Pro Series Tour.

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