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Please allow me to introduce you to a new organization we’ve begun supporting. is a grassroots organization for soldiers, by soldiers dedicated to raising awareness about combat related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Military Minds is particularly focused on breaking down the wall of silence that prevents many of those affected by PTSD from seeking the help and support they urgently need. Now, with help from coupled with the support of YouTube’s Funker530 channel, and, Military Minds is able to deliver video content a growing audience.

In this video, Cpl. Jamaal Garner, Ex 3 Royal 22 regiment, current Black Watch Royal Highland regiment talks about the war in Afghanistan, losing platoon members and its effects on his life upon returning home from service. Please take the time to watch this important message and help spread the word by sharing the video and leaving words of encouragement and support for Jamaal and others like him.

We encourage anyone who display signs and symptoms of PTSD to seek professional help. For more information please visit


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