Quarter Circle 10 Launches The New YKMF-5 9MM AR SIDE CHARGING PCC


New for 2022!


A special full build offered by QC10 focused on bringing the tried-and-true technology of the MP5 platform and the quality of QC10’s manufacturing process. The YKMF-5 comes as a complete blowback AR pistol and is equipped with a 5.5″ QC10 barrel, Bowden Tactical handguard, Dead Air Muzzle Brake, SB Tactical PDW stock and Phase 5 ambi controls. What sets the YKMF-5 apart is that it is manufactured from the ground up focused on the MP5 9x19mm magazine, features QC10’s adjustable buffer system, includes high quality parts from trusted partners, and specific attention to detail on the design and aesthetics. Avoid potential headaches from mixing other brands, knowing the YKMF-5 has been thoroughly tested and is supported fully by QC10’s lifetime warranty and recognized customer support.

Made for- Not Modified: Every QC10 product is engineered specifically for pistol caliber ammunition, not modified from an existing platform, increasing functionality, reliability, and overall performance.


  • QC10-ykmf-5Engineered for 9x19mm MP5 Magazines- QC10 has a solid and reliable supply of metal KCI magazines.
  • Milled Billet 7075-T6 Lower Receiver and Side Charging Upper Receiver
  • Type III Hard Coat Anodizing
  • Bowden Tactical 4.25” Handguard
  • QC10 5.5” 9mm Barrel
  • SB Tactical PDW Stock
  • Dead Air Silencers Micro Brake
  • Phase 5 Ambi Selector Switch
  • Patriot Hard Carry Case
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made For not Modified


21 3/8″ fully collapsed

23 7/8″ fully extended

Weight: 5.14 lbs

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