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Rifles can now become a whole lot smarter with the new Fusion Module from Reactor Technologies. While Reactor Technologies may be a new company, the founder is no stranger to the industry. Ryan McMilan wanted to bring a little more technology to rifles and just happens to have the things in place to get things rolling.

The actual module itself is a small device that mounts in or on a rifle. it just so happens that McMilan’s other company, Grayboe, has a new chassis system coming shortly that will house the module like it was made for it…well, because it was.

The Fusion Module collects and monitors data from your rifle including:

  • Shot Detection & Counting
  • Shot Mapping
  • Heading, Cant, and Inclination
  • Barrel Temperature Readings
  • Background Shot Logging
  • Heads Up Display
  • Environmental and Weather Data
  • Recoil Measurement
  • Rifle Lifespan Metrics
  • Maintenance Reminders

This information is displayed on your smartphone or tablet with an accompanying app.

I am really interested to see where this technology goes and how it could potentially integrate with other shooting apps or ballistic programs. While I’m not going to have my phone out while shooting, I could envision getting info displayed on my watch regarding cant and inclination, or holds needed for a PRS stage. Now we shouldn’t become too reliant on technology but I think this could be really cool. A varmint hunter can now know barrel temp and keep accurate logs for cleaning and maintenance. A PRS shooter can use this to get that extra edge. The serious marksman can measure recoil with load development. The list could go on and on.

I will anxiously be waiting to learn more. To get a peak check out the video and follow them on social media.

You can find them online at

Reactor Technologies Logo

Official Press Release:

Phoenix, AZ – Reactor Technologies begins operations in the development and integration of sophisticated technology into rifle stocks and chassis systems.

Reactor has been founded by industry veteran Ryan McMillan, as a platform to develop and integrate modern technology, into the stock and chassis sector of the industry. Reactor begins operations with a leadership team of over 25 years of combined experience in gun industry and is set to disrupt the long standing status quo.

Reactor will come to the market with the Fusion Module that integrates technology with compatible chassis systems, in mid January 2020. Media and industry leaders will be able to see the first production model at Booth #N335 in the NEXT section at Shot Show 2020.

“With advanced technology integrated into every aspect of our lives, we are accustomed to monitoring, sharing, and accessing unlimited data with the touch of a button. One area we haven’t seen great advances in technology integration, as been the firearms industry. Reactor is about to change that.” Said Ryan McMillan – CEO of Reactor Technologies “We are developing and integrating technology that will revolutionize the way you gather and analyze your shooting data, which will get you on target faster and more consistently than ever before.”

Reactor Technologies is currently seeking collaboration opportunities with stock companies, gun manufacturers, and software developers to integrate this technology throughout the shooting industry. The adaptive nature of the Reactor Fusion Module lends itself to easy integration into existing platforms and will create substantial value for future and existing customers.

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