Seattle Police, Save Our Horses Project


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For over a hundred years the Seattle Police Department has had a Mounted Patrol Unit. They perform a variety of safety and outreach functions. The SPD’s budget constraints put the Mounted Patrol in jeopardy, until the Seattle Police Foundation stepped up to help preserve this important tool.

The Seattle Police Foundation is also accepting designated donations to preserve the Seattle Police Mounted Unit through the site

Your Gift Makes a Difference

Here’s a list of how your donation can help:

  • $20,000 funds equipment such as Internet Crimes against Children software and hardware that allows SPD detectives to forensically identify the most horrific of on-line sexual predators who prey on our children.
  • $10,000 buys a year of feed for all Mounted Patrol horses.
  • $7,500 provides 40 hours of training for 100 Victim Support Team volunteers who work with domestic violence victims during weekend and evening hours when other support services are not available. This is a nationally recognized and SPF supported domestic violence program that serves nearly 500 families a year.
  • $5,000 funds 10 summer interns with the Seattle Police Department. Interns are high-risk youth from Seattle who are given the opportunity to work directly with and learn from Seattle police officers about different avenues available in their lives.
  • $2,500 provides living room chat materials for SPD’s new community outreach program in which patrol officers meet with groups of community members in their homes to talk about crime.
  • $1,000 buys 40 MYCLYNS devices. These devices provide immediate life-saving personal protection to officers who are exposed to contaminants in the field. The spray can be used on open wounds as well as in eyes and mouths.
  • $500 funds Crisis Intervention Training for two officers. This training helps officers diffuse situations and work more productively with individuals suffering from mental illness.
  • $250 funds one IF Project writing seminar with high risk youth.
  • $100 provides supplies for 25 homeless outreach kits handed out during the winter months by Seattle police officers to those in need.