Seekins Precision SPX .308 Rifle Package


Guns & Tactics Magazine takes a first-hand look at the new 2014 SPX .308 Rifle Package from Seekins Precision.

During my time at SHOT SHOW 2014 I ran across some really innovative products. One of my favorites comes from Seekins Precision. The Lewiston, Idaho based manufacture comes from humble beginnings and a drive to live the American Dream. Glen Seekins and his wife Katie started making scope rings after an unsuccessful deer hunt in 2004 where Glen’s scope rings broke. His new Seekins rings became known as the SP Scope Rings and have been a best seller ever since. By 2005 Glen was running Seekins Precision as his full time job and began adding AR parts to his product offerings. Ten years after Glen and Katie started their journey, their business has continued to thrive and grow. What started out as a project in Glen’s garage has evolved into a manufacturing operation that plans to expand into a new 25,000 square foot facility come March 2014.

From scope rings ten years ago to state-of-the AR-t precision firearms Seekins has continued to innovate. Ironically the Seekins Precision booth was the first both I ran into at SHOT and it was a show stopper. They did an outstanding job on their display and were packed out interested buyers. I managed to talk to Glen for a few moments to find out what he was bringing to the table for 2014.

Seekins pulled out all the stops for their 2014 offering and are proud to introduce the SPX Seekins .308 Rifle Package. The SPX is a beautifully crafted rifle suited for the modern gunfighter or competitive shooter. This is a beautiful looking rifle that was dressed up in what appeared to be a burnt bronze Cerekote finish. The rifle as displayed was outfitted with a Magpul STR stock, Rainier Arms Raptor Charging Handle and Geissele trigger. It also sported the new Seekins three pronged flash hider.

The SPX is chambered in .308 but is marked “Caliber Multi” on the side. It features a billet upper and lower that appear to be made specifically for each other. The lines and recesses on the upper and lower are crisp and deep which gives the rifle a very distinct look that sets it apart from other manufactures. The upper lacks a forward assist and dust cover which adds to the uniqueness of the design. The bolt carrier appears to be NiB treated for extra slick operation.

The lower features an over-sized trigger guard. The mag well has a generous flare with deep side cuts and handsome texturing on the front. The Seekins logo is proudly emblazoned on the left hand side of the magazine well. The billet lower features full ambidextrous controls to include the Battle Arms Development ambi safety, ambidextrous magazine release and the all new ambi bolt lock and release. This last feature really caught my attention and had everyone talking. The right side bolt lock/release is a lever that is activated with the right hand trigger finger. To lock the bolt back swipe the lever up and pull back on the charging handle. To drop the bolt, simply press the lever down and the bolt slams home. It is fast, ergonomic and extremely simple. It doesn’t get in the way of normal operation, has a low profile so not to snag on gear, yet is easy to reach and manipulate.

The upper transitions seamlessly into the Seekins keymod Triangular handguard. This is not a monolithic system, however the machining and fit is such that it is pretty darn close. The upper is cut in such a way that it overhangs into the rail space giving the user another inch and half of additional rail space before it transitions into the hand guard. This transition is very well done and practically seamless. The handguard is removable and can be replaced with another Seekins handguard should the triangle profile not fit your fancy.

I asked Glen about them offering the same configuration and ambidextrous features into an AR15 platform and he told me “I would imagine it would probably make its way to the AR15 platform at some time.” So there is a hope for a 5.56 version which is exciting. Maybe we will see it at SHOT 2015. MSRP for the SPX .308 will be in the $2,300 to $2,500 range. This seems like a very good price point, especially for the quality and features that come standard on the SPX. They will be posting more information soon and will have a dedicated section for the SPX on their website. I would assume once they get moved into their new digs, they will get that information up on their webpage. You can plan on seeing the SPX hit the market in late April to early May 2014.