Silver Shadow at Eurosatory 2012


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Despite what you might think given the recent crop of superhero movies, Silver Shadow is not a masked crusader for justice. However, they can certainly give a boost to the good guys.

That’s because the company is an Israeli specialty small arms firm that offers extensive customization and modification. Back in 2010 at the ISDEF defense exposition, it rolled out a few new toys that we’ll look at here.

One was the Automatic Pistol Rifle (APR) version of its Gilboa 5.56mm assault rifle, which looks like someone crossbred an M4 with an UZI. The stock model has a 7” barrel, but a 4.5” barrel is an option for applications that require it. The Gilboa marries the M4/M16 lower receiver with a Silver Shadow custom upper receiver, which includes a gas piston system to replace the widely-reviled gas impingement system in the original Colt design. That means a rifle that operates cleaner and cooler. As is pretty much standard these days, it incorporates a rail system that runs from the rear of the receiver all the way to the front of the forestock and can mount any of the multitude of optics, aiming devices, lights, and other accessories that are Picatinny-compatible.

Silver Shadow also took the Russian M76 sniper rifle and worked its magic on it to create the Timna, a 7.62×51 silenced sniper rifle. The stock barrel is replaced by one of Shilen Rifles manufacture, and it incorporates a full-barrel-length silencer to offer almost zero acoustic signature, even with the use of heavy, high-velocity ammunition.

Finally, given the prevalence of the AK-47 worldwide and especially in Israel’s neck of the woods, Silver Shadow offers a line of upgrades to the humble ex-Soviet assault rifle. The upgrade options include a Picatinny rail frame to replace the stock handguards, a choice of folding or M4-style telescoping buttstock, improved flash suppressor, detachable assault bipod, and Picatinny rail mounts for optics atop the receiver. The handguard rails will accommodate an ergonomic vertical grip, better known to most U.S. soldiers as the “gangster grip,” and can even mount a grenade launcher.

However, the current buzz involves Eurosatory 2012, where Silver Shadow will be exhibiting. The word is that they will be unveiling a double-barrel assault rifle. Yes, you read that right. So far the only photo available is a tantalizing shot that shows just the twin muzzles of the weapon and not much more, so we’ll have to wait for June to get the scoop on this one. You can be sure we’ll be waiting and watching.