SIRT M&P Prototype at SHOT Show 2014


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[dcs_fancy_header bgcolor=”#ffffff” color=”#000000″ fweight=”bold”]Next Level Training continues to improve the product line, this time with a new SIRT M&P prototype.[/dcs_fancy_header]

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Today I had the opportunity to meet up with the folks from Next Level Training. They are the creators of the SIRT laser pistol and SIRT-AR bolt. I have been waiting for their version of the M&P SIRT gun to come out and I had a chance to use the prototype today. It has the same function as the original SIRT with some much needed improvements.

First, the trigger is so much better. The original SIRT had a really stiff trigger pull with a loud and somewhat abrupt break. The M&P SIRT trigger breaks like an M&P trigger which is much better than the older model. The newer model also has an M&P back strap so you can use the exact same grip you have on your EDC or duty gun. The magazine release is also interchangeable with the M&P giving the end user the opportunity to us an aftermarket mag release like the 21st Century Gunfighter Catalyst. The magazine is an actual M&P mag that has been gutted and weighted. Now while training, the shooter can utilize the same mag pouches and have the same feel on the mag as they do on a live range. The dust cover was set up to accept a variety of weapon mounted lights as well. The slide on this prototype was not rackable, but I understand they are working on a version that will allow the shooter to manipulate the slide. That being said, the slide has been improved to accept your favorite M&P compatible sights! The model I used had a very bright green laser and coupled with the improved trigger really enhanced the SIRT experience.

[dcs_img_center desc=”Photo by Jody Lewis, Crossfire Photography”
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Mike and the gang at NLT have really improved upon their already successful product line. MSRP was not known at this time. Check out to learn more.

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