Sneak Preview of New Glock G42 in .380



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Guns & Tactics Magazine received unprecedented access to this Glock video and we want to bring it to you first. The new G42 from Glock is a single stack that holds 6+1 rounds of .380.

The G42 overall length is 5.94″ long and .94″ wide, putting it in competition with the Smith and Wesson M&P shield 9mm.

We will bring you more details from SHOT Show 2014 later this month… Stay tuned!

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  1. No no no…..we all asked for a single stack 9mm! Please surprise us with that at the SHOT Show. Didn’t know there were ‘duty loads’ for 380ACP.

  2. it’s disappointing that 9mm was not first choice for the new 42 but hopefully the 9 is right behind it.

  3. Sorta feels a day late & a dollar short. The market wanted this 5-10 years ago. What the market wants today is this gun in 9mm.

  4. Nothing says fail like….well, a Glock .380. Compare the keltec PF-9 specs with the above Glock Specs. And the Kel-tec has a rail. And is less money. And holds more rounds.

    Not to be mean, but the guy pitching the gun on the above video couldn’t sell pardons in a prison.

    Calibers: 9mm Luger 9 x 19 mm
    Weight unloaded: 12.7 oz. 360g
    Loaded magazine: 2.8 oz. 81g
    Length: 5.85″ 149mm
    Height: 4.3″ 109mm
    Width: 0.88″ 22mm
    Barrel Length: 3.1″ 79mm
    Capacity: 7 + 1
    Trigger Pull: 5 lbs 23N
    MSRP $333.00

  5. If it were a 9mm, I might be interested, but it’s about the same size and weight of my Kahr PM9. Glock needs a marketing dept to tell them what the US market demands.

  6. Want a nice single stack 9mm, why wait. Gat a walther PPS. I love mine. Thin, reliable, accurate. Worth a look if a single stack CC 9mm is on your list.

  7. Wasn’t this the Glock G25 in the past? I recall that Glock had a .380 but there was an ATF rule prohibiting civilian sales.

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