Specializing in Smith & Wesson handguns, Speed Shooters Specialties offers wide variety and availability of high quality performance parts.

If you are already shooting IPSC, USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge or Action Pistol, chances are you have heard of Speed Shooter Specialties (SSS). If not, then let me introduce you to them. SSS is a one-stop shop for Smith and Wesson upgrades that have a greater purpose than looking cool.

Located in Brunswick, Georgia, Speed Shooter Specialties was started in 2005 in response to competitors’ requests for quality aftermarket performance parts. SSS specializes in Smith & Wesson handguns, specifically the Performance Center products but offer a wide variety of upgrades for the M&P Pistol as well.

I stumbled across SSS one day while looking for someone who had an APEX Trigger in-stock for my M&P. While browsing their selection of parts, I was taken back by the unique and functional aftermarket designs they manufactured the M&P, so I picked up a few new things.

One of the items I snagged was their SSS branded ESP magwell for my M&P VTAC. Not only is this design functional for competition shooters, but it makes a great addition to defensive carry guns.

The magwell is CNC machined from a solid block of aluminum and anodized black, it is very easy to install and requires no modification to the gun. Get this, it only adds 1.0 ounce to the gun.

Adding a magwell to your gun allows for quicker and more accurate mag changes when under stress and with speed. In addition, it also give you the ability to run extended basepads on your magazines, giving you extra rounds and something to grab onto when stripping a mag.

Included with the magwell are installation instructions and all necessary hardware. The ESP requires the use of the Taran Tactical or Taylor Freelance magazine extension or a thicker than stock base pad designed for this magwell such as the SSS ESP basepads. The factory full size, compact base pads or Arredondo extensions will not work with this magwell.

MSRP for the S&W M&P ESP Magwell is only $57 bucks, which makes this purchase a must have.


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