Spotlight Shifter 1.0


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The Spotlight Shifter 1.0 is an outstanding flashlight to add to your every day carry wardrobe. It’s convenient size and weight, efficient RLS LED technology, and durable water and impact resistant structure make the Shifter both a tactical and practical tool for guys or gals who demand a sleek yet efficient pocket-clipping light.

The Shifter is powered by just one AAA battery, with an indicated run time of 3 hours the Spotlight Shifter 1.0 is designed for a maximum range of 65m. We used the Spotlight on several late night occasions to find our way home from the local Irish pub with great success!

Spotlight’s output is indicated as being 80 lumens making it much brighter than the household flashlight, which is generally between 10 and 30 lumens. It’s proprietary Reflector Lens System (RLS) technology makes for a brighter, longer lasting, more efficient light transmittance that is far superior to that of standard TIR (Total Internal Reflection) technology.

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The Spotlight Shifter 1.0 is small… very small in fact, measuring only 10 x 1.5 cm (4 x .6 in) with a diameter that could be compared to that of an AA battery. The flashlight weighs in like a lightweight champion at 35g (1.2 oz), so it is very light in your shirt pocket or hand. There’s a rear-mounted button on the light making it very easy to use, even if you only have a few of your fingers left. A pencil style clip comes attached to the flashlight, however it’s easily removable for all intensive purposes. With such a small weight and size, the Shifter is an easily accessible flashlight compatible with daily carry in your pocket or bag.

Quickly change the setting of your Spotlight by twisting the front piece, alternating a from “spot” to a “flood” setting. The light ratio of spot to flood is 1:6 meaning you can easily change between viewing a large or small area clearly. There are 3 power modes for the Spotlight; high, low, and strobe, all of which can be manipulated by twisting the front of the light to adjust the spot to flood setting. These modes are easy to navigate by simply pressing the button on the rear of the Spotlight one, two, or three times. The Spotlight Shifter has no memory to remember the last setting it was used in, so it will always revert back to high mode the next time it is used.

The outer-casing of the light is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s very sturdy,durable, and somewhat impact resistant. Basically, the Spotlight can survive a fall to a hard surface from about 1m. So, it should not experience any damage beyond a scratch should you drop it while being attacked by pirates or chased by zombies. The Shifter is water resistant and capable of surviving a temporary submersion, too. Upon unscrewing the rear-mounted button on the end of the light, you will find the battery compartment is sealed with a rubber ring. This ring helps to keep water from entering the inside the light in case of aquatic emergency. A lifetime guarantee is included with the Spotlight Shifter, but it’s unlikely that you’ll ever need to use it. The durable nature of the Shifter is, without a doubt, built to last.

Overall, we’ve concluded that the Spotlight Shifter 1.0 is a conveniently sized LED flashlight that’s a perfect fit for a wide range of uses and users. Whether you’re an id checker at our Irish pub, a late night janitor, the owner of an escort dating service or even if you’re unemployed, the Spotlight Shifter is a reliable tool to accompany you home safely in the dark.

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