SR-25 Magazine Compatible Lower Upgrade To The SCAR-17


Auburn, Washington – Handl Defense, LLC has developed the SCAR25, the first SR-25/M110 magazine compatible; billet aluminum lower upgrade for the SCAR-17. Their revolutionary design elevates the SCAR-17 to supreme battle rifle status.

The SCAR25 was developed for the special operations warfighter. The SCAR25 lower was specifically designed and engineered to accept NATO STANAG SR-25 and M-110 battle proven magazines as well as the readily available and popular MAGPUL P-MAG 20 in 7.62x51mm NATO. The SCAR25 will also accept DPMS and POF magazines as well as X-25 drums.

This is significant because for the first time operators employing M110/MK11/SR25 and the SCAR-H/SCAR17 series of rifle concurrently, will be able to utilize readily available, battle proven M110/SR25 magazines for both systems.

A serious design error in the original lower was also corrected. The SCAR25 grip tang was redesigned to accept all M-16/M-4 compatible grips such as MAGPUL and ERGO. Furthermore the SCAR25 lower was enhanced to be user friendly. The arch above the grip was re-contoured to allow gloved or small hands better access to the fire controls.

The original lower was made of plastic and was prone to flexing particularly around the magazine well. The SCAR25 is CNC machined from 7075 T6 billet aluminum. It is now stronger and more durable and flexing is no longer an issue. The SCAR25’s exterior appearance resembles the original lower. The SCAR25 is available in black and FDE. All SCAR25 lowers are Type III Hard Coat anodized black. SCAR25 lowers in FDE are coated with a mil-spec ceramic finish color matched to resemble the original lower.

Factory FN SCAR lower parts DO NOT require any type of modification for installation, and drop into the SCAR25 lower. It takes a qualified gunsmith two minutes to complete the upgrade. Once complete the operator simply attaches the SCAR25 lower to the upper receiver resulting in an upgraded superior SCAR-17.

Handl Defense, LLC used rapid prototyping technology to produce two pre-production prototypes of the SCAR25 lower. Like the original lower, the SCAR25 prototypes are made entirely of ABS plastic. Extensive test firing has validated the concept and engineering; proof positive the SCAR25 lower works.

The SCAR25 is in the early stages of production. Expect to see delivery in September of 2012. A select-fire SCAR25 lower is planned for qualified buyers, LEO and MIL agencies in the near future.

More Details

Rainier Arms in Auburn, Washington is accepting pre-orders and is offering a special for the first 100 SCAR25 lowers. They can be reached at or call them at 877-566-GUNS.

The SCAR25, the first SR-25/M110 magazine compatible, lower upgrade to the SCAR-17, by Handl Defense, LLC. CNC machined from billet aluminum to be stronger, durable and user friendly. Their revolutionary design elevates the SCAR-17 to supreme battle rifle status. Expect to see delivery in September of 2012.

Handl Defense, LLC is an innovative pioneer in the development and design of small arms systems for both commercial and government. Our expertise is the result of over 150 years of combined experience in small arms design, development and manufacturing. To find out more please visit:


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