Stay on Target


Units like the PWS FSC556 can literally make your AR feel like a .22LR… even an ultra light carbine.

The AR-15 platform isn’t really known as a shoulder knocker. Gas operation and smaller calibers usually keep recoil to an absolute minimum. But, without a good compensator, even the slightest recoil can shift your sight position, and require you to acquire the target again before the next shot. This takes time.

To speed that process up, consider replacing your current muzzle device with an effective compensator. Units like the PWS FSC556 can literally make your AR feel like a .22LR…even an ultra light carbine.

By directing gasses exiting the barrel at a rearward angle, it pushes the gun forward and “compensates” for the recoil normally felt from the round being fired. The two directional forces cancel each other out, and what you have is nearly motionless operation.

This sounds awesome right? But, there is a downside. That gas pressure forced backward can affect some people just as much as recoil. Instead of muzzle jump, the unsettling pressure wave sent back at the shooters face can cause them to flinch. And its not just a pressure wave. My carbine with a 14.5 barrel and pinned PWS is the loudest gun I currently own. I would say its effing loud. But, its crazy light, easy to maneuver, and doesn’t jump at all.

A good compensator has a lot of advantages, just double up on the hearing protection.

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