Sticky Holsters Review


A holster that fits your handgun like a glove.

I’ve never been an inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster kind of guy. I’ve found that the holsters are uncomfortable and have something poking me somewhere in my waist. So, I tend to use outside-the-waistband (OWB) holsters when I conceal carry. But, concealment is not optimized with OWB holsters. So, I tend to use a holster attached to a hidden compartment of my backpack. Comfortable? Yes. As secure as I want? Not so much. My backpack is essentially my man-purse, so I carry it pretty much everywhere. But the fact that my handgun is not physically in my possession has never felt right.

I spend a lot of time researching firearms-related gear and accessories. I’m always looking for something unique and different, but functional and well-built. About two months ago, I reached out to Sticky Holsters for information about their holsters. I saw that their holsters didn’t have any belt loops or kydex, but they claimed the holster was secure for concealed carry. Interesting.

I received the LG-2 model to fit my Glock 19 plus their AnkleBiter Leg Rig and Sticky Travel Mount. The LG-2 is sized to fit medium to large semi-automatic handguns with up to a 4.2" barrel. Sticky Holsters has 17 holster sizes to fit virtually any handgun. If you have any questions about size, just give them a call.

First Impressions

My first impression of the holster was quality. The outer layer is their namesake sticky neoprene material similar to that used by football wide receivers for their gloves. The inner liner is a heavy Cordura nylon material that not only protects your firearm, it also gives the holster rigidity and structural integrity. An inner closed-cell material between the inner and outer layers provides a moisture-resistant barrier and also allows the holster to mold to your specific handgun size and shape. All three layers are held together by an outer heavy-duty nylon edge double-stitched along the bottom. The holster is a closed design, meaning two things: the lubricants on your handgun stay in the holster and don’t find their way to your clothes and the trigger is completely concealed in the holster. All-in-all, the holster is meant to last a long time.

The Sticky Holster design allows the outer, sticky layer to "stick" to whatever material sandwiches the holster. The holster has to be held in place well-enough to stay in place as the handgun is drawn. I found this works well when used as an IWB holster with pants and a belt. I placed the holster in a left side appendix-carry canted towards my right side. I’m right-handed and this allowed a smooth, easy draw with my right hand.

I also used the holster inside the pockets of cargo pants. When drawing from a pocket, the holster comes out too. That’s not a big deal with me, I was comfortable removing and dropping the holster as I drew. The holster in the pocket masked the shape of my Glock well and I found myself putting the holster in cargo pockets as often as I did in my waistband.

When reholstering, I followed Sticky Holster’s advice to remove the holster first, reholster, and then put the holster back in place.

The AnkleBiter Leg Rig

I’ve never carried any handgun with an ankle holster. When I was a police officer, several of my co-workers did using some type of leather or kydex holster with elastic and Velcro securing straps. Almost everyone told me, "It takes some getting used to" or, "It’s uncomfortable, but it’s worth it having a backup gun."

The AnkleBiter Leg Rig looked confusing at first. I understood the concept, it wraps around your leg and holds the Sticky Holster in place. Fair enough. So, a few tries later and actually watching the video on the Sticky Holsters website, I had the Leg Rig set up just above the ankle on my left leg. The soft material and weight of the Leg Rig was actually bearable and even to some degree comfortable. After a few minor adjustments while walking through my house, I took my dog for a walk to see if the AnkleBiter would stay in place and to see if I was comfortable wearing it. The Leg Rig settled down just above the top of my shoes and after retightening, I found the holster to be comfortable and secure. I’m now a believer in ankle holsters.

The Sticky Travel Mount

I like to keep my Glock next to me when I’m sleeping. Usually I place it on top of or in one of the drawers of my nightstand. This works, but with the Sticky Travel Mount, I’ve found a better way.

Sticky Holsters markets the Sticky Travel Mount to: "…mount your Sticky and gun when it is no longer on their person. Some of the many places for use: vehicle center consoles, motorcycle saddlebags, boat compartments, night stands, desks, and anywhere else you will want to have your handgun handy!"

The Sticky Travel Mount consists of a second, larger Sticky Holster with Velcro fabric covering one side. You place your Sticky Holster in the Travel Mount and then place the Travel Mount on the hook half of the Velcro. I mounted the hook half of the Velcro to the side of my nightstand. Drawing from the Travel Mount, I found the Sticky Holster stays in place and my handgun comes out smoothly. Now my handgun is nearby as I sleep and is not in plain-sight on my nightstand.


I’ve found a holster that gives me new conceal carry options. I’ve never used an ankle holster before and now I not only have the option, I use the AnkleBiter almost as much as I use the Sticky Holster by itself.

The quality of the Sticky Holster is top-notch. I use the holster almost every day and I also leave my handgun in the holster when I store it. In fact, my handgun stays in the holster unless I’m using or cleaning it.

Sticky Holster has a winner for comfort and durability.

Find Sticky Holsters on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and at their website.

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