In this Tactical Moment episode John discusses “stoppages.” A stoppage is a momentary cessation of the firearm. When you pull the trigger and hear a click instead of a bang, then you know something is wrong. Applying “immediate action” could be the fastest way to fix the problem and get back in the gunfight. Watch this video to learn how to manage a firearms stoppage by applying the immediate action technique.


  1. John, thanks for the great and to the point video.

    Exactly what gun and red dot is that, and how do you feel about the pistol red dots ? At 58 pistol sights are not working to well anymore !

  2. Wayne,

    Glad you like the video!

    I’ve shot a Trijicon RMR on a Glock 19 for about 3 years now.

    I selected the Trijicon because it is the toughest of the breed of mini-red-dot-sights (MRDS.) It has certainly met my expectations.

    Shooting red dot sights on battle rifles showed me the value of being able to maintain focus on the threat and down range area while delivering precise aimed fire (vs having to shift focus to the front sight while letting the target go out of focus.)

    An additional bonus to the red dot sights is that they work great for aging eyes. The red dot is in what is called the “infinite focal plane.”

    Functionally, that means that our eyes see the dot as if it was at distance similar to that of the target.

    So as long as your dominant (aiming) eye sees the target clearly, it will also see the dot clearly, allowing for accurate shot placement.

    John Holschen

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