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More than steel targets. Much, much more.

The Target

Striker Targets sent me their AR500 IPSC Reactive HUB (Human Upper Body) steel target and told me to shoot it. Shoot it a lot. I was happy to oblige.

When I went to the UPS Store to pick up the target, the clerk asked if I was collecting bricks or lead pipes. I told her no, this is the latest in firearms targets. I took the HUB out of its box to show her. We were both amazed at the sturdiness and quality of the HUB. This is meant to last with 3/8" AR500 steel, no welds, and grade 8 bolts holding it all together. The clerk remarked that targets have changed from the days of paper bullseyes. I agreed.

The HUB comes fully assembled with the exception of having to add the bracket for a 2X4. Like I said, nothing is welded. Hefty grade 8 3/4" bolts attach the bracket to the target. Insert a 2X4 into the bracket and a Striker Targets stand and you are ready to go.

The target is meant to mimic a human silhouette. The chest area has a circular, 6" hole cut in the center that allows the shooter to shoot a plate to reset the head portion of the target. In other words, you take a head shot and then shoot the chest to reset the head. This is the "Reactive" part of the target and worked flawlessly throughout the day.

The AR500 IPSC Reactive HUB I received can be used for rifle or handgun rounds. Striker Targets recommend that minimum distances be used, for instance 9mm is 8 yards (other common handgun rounds ie: .40S&W and .45ACP are 12 yards), .223Rem is 200 yards, and .308 Winchester is also 200 yards. Striker Targets warns that the rifle distances are a guide to protect the target. If the target is damaged, they warn that the target is unsafe at 50 yards or less. Striker Targets put together a handy distance list HERE.

The Company

Besides the Reactive HUB, Striker Targets manufactures the Reactive Alien Target, an IPSC Heart & Hostage Reactive Target, Rocker Targets, Knockdown Targets, and variations of the Reactive HUB itself.

Striker Targets is more than high-quality AR500 targets. They are also a leading company for plate armor, soft armor, and tactical gear.

Do you need a complete Level IIIA vest? Check. Level IIIA inserts for your plate carrier? Yep. A plate carrier? Got it. AR500 hard plates? No problem. Striker Targets is a one-stop AR500 and tactical gear shop.


After a day of shooting, the target held up well. The edges held up and there was some dimpling across the surfaces. I plan on writing a long-term review of the HUD next spring after many, many more rifle and handgun rounds. I guess it’s a good thing that Striker Targets sells more than targets because I fully expect this target to last a long time.

Check out the Striker Targets website, Facebook, and Instagram.

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