StrikeRazor from RP Advanced Mobile Systems


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While attending the Joint Armaments Conference, Exhibition & Firing Demonstration in Seattle we enjoyed the opportunity to learn about the StrikeRazor from RP Advanced Mobile Systems. RP Advanced Mobile Systems (RPAMS) serves the defense industry by designing and production of advanced military tactical vehicle upfit systems for the benefit of US forces and allies.

Already in use by special forces, US Customs and Border Patrol, the StrikeRazor is a light tactical, all-terrain vehicle designed for tactical operations and patrol. Weighing in at just 1600 pounds, the 800cc twin-cylinder 4-stroke engine gives is plenty of power to handle high-payload, high-speed missions of up to 60 MPH. The StrikeRazor’s available all-wheel drive and hi/low CVT transmission capabilities provide a perfect balance of agility and strength.

The StrikeRazor features an innovative rear flat-bed system, a front protective cargo system and tactical stand-off nerf-bars. It can be configure for two, four or six operators by adding seats to the rear bed. The rear bed is sized perfectly for NATO medical litters and other essential gear.

The vehicle also feature a performance tuned suspension from MSI, infrared illumiators, a stealth muffler package, aluminum wheels and lightweight spec-ops 8-ply all-terrain run-flat tires. Best of all, the vehicle features a protective roll-cage and universal mounts to facilitate a variety of weapons systems including the M249 SAW and the MK19 Grenade Launcher.

StrikeRazors minimal profile makes it a perfectly sized candidate for missions where internal air transport is required. For example, you can travel with you new StrikeRazor packed in a CH-47 Chinook or CV-22 Osprey aircraft.

All these enhancements and capabilities make the StrikeRazor the perfect vehicle for your special operations missions. To learn more about the StrikeRazor, visit RP Advanced Mobile Systems at


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