Tactical Tailor Phantom Trekker SBR Bag


Mike Haytack and special guest Jim Erwin evaluate the Tactical Tailor Phantom Trekker SBR Bag in episode 7 of Gear & Tactics.

Tactical Tailor designed the Phantom Trekker SBR bag to carry a 10.5″ AR-style rifle, but it can also accommodate a variety of different weapon platforms. It can securely carry collapsible stock AKs, ARs, SCARs, and even a 16″ AR will fit when broken down.

The bag’s linear appearance, non-tactical colors and lack of external MOLLE give the impression that it’s nothing more than a traditional travel bag or backpack. Tactical Tailor incorporated a full load-carrying system into the back of the bag. As the mission dictates, the user can unzip a panel that covers the back of the bag and tuck the loose material into a compartment at the bottom of the bag. When the pack is converted back to a bag, two carrying handles on opposite sides allow it to be carried like a piece of luggage. There is a full-length external pocket large enough to stow all your support accessories and then some. Up top there is a small pocket and on the outside of it you’ll find a weave of shock cord to allow quick storage. Other main features that round out the exterior are four quick-snap buckles that secure closure and two mesh pockets that allow storage of water bottles or other items.

Dual zippers run the length of the bag and allow it to be fillet-opened from bottom to top by pulling up on a large grab handle. Inside, there is a large field of loop fastener material and a medium-sized accessory panel with hook fastener on the rear. Tactical Tailor is featuring this modular system on current and emerging low visibility products. Tactical Tailor includes 4 hook and loop retention straps to secure multiple platforms and perform a wide variety of mission sets. The base of the bag is reinforced to provide a secure platform for heavier rifles.

Over the past month my interaction with the bag has been very positive. Overall I’m pleased with the concept and craftsmanship. In future versions I’d like to see the suspension system centered more. When worn as a backpack I felt like the bag’s top became noticeable and had the potential to distract from the intent. This only occurred when I stuffed the bag with a longer platform like the SCAR or longer barreled AR equipped with the Law Tactical Folding stock adapter. The use of hook and loop backed straps, pockets, and mag pouches is a great concept. As stated earlier, Tactical Tailor has incorporated this system across other applications, which will allow users to configure their accessories in different applications for their specific needs. I expect this line to grow and you should see more colors and applications presented throughout the year from Tactical Tailor.

Approximate Dimensions:

Main Compartment: 30 1/2″ tall x 13 1/2″ wide x 6″ deep

Front Pocket: 20″ tall x 6 1/2″ wide x 3″ deep

Top Pocket: 2 1/2″ tall x 9 1/2″ wide x 8 1/2″ deep

The Tactical Tailor Phantom Trekker SBR Bag sells for $350. Purchase yours at http://www.tacticaltailor.com/phantomtrekkersbrbag.aspx

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    • Tim, I can store a full size M4 DMR 18″ (LWRCM6A3) platform in it. With the Law Tactical Folding stock adapter the platform collapses to 28.5 inches. Best bet is to measure that platform and compare it to the numbers above. ~ Mike

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