We witnessed some fantastic technology at SHOT Show this year, and one of our favorites was Zistos Corporation. The folks at Zistos make a lot of super cool stuff that pretty much any SWAT team would want.

Zistos is committed to the design, manufacture and sale of cutting-edge, highly specialized video and audio surveillance tools for tactical operations.

Zistos audio/video tools are optimized for use in real-world tactical scenarios, being rugged, easy to deploy and simple to use. They increase safety by gathering intelligence and providing distance between the tactical personnel and the hazardous situation.

Zistos systems are in use throughout the world by both the law enforcement community and the military. From state and local police departments to large federal agencies, Zistos equipment fills the need for a comprehensive, yet affordable, suite of tactical surveillance tools.

Visit www.zistos.com to learn more.

About Zistos

Zistos is a privately owned, small business specializing in portable video inspection products that are in use throughout the law enforcement, fire and rescue, military, corrections and industrial sectors. More than simply designing and marketing video-based products, Zistos is adept at developing and implementing complete vision solutions that not only increase job effectiveness but also enhance the safety of those who by their occupation are exposed to potentially dangerous situations. Zistos has a unique advantage in its proprietary VisionFlex® technology—a modular, “socket set” design philosophy that renders our video inspection systems instantly adaptable to any situation and fully upgradeable upon the release of new products and accessories. Customers recognize the inherent value of VisionFlex® and prefer Zistos over less flexible and more costly alternatives. All design and final manufacturing are performed in-house, ensuring tight control over both product execution and final outgoing quality.